Dark Embrace - Update From The Band

Dark Embrace mainman Oscar Asunder has posted the following update regarding the band's current situation:

"The next November, the band will make 100 months rockin'. We've gone through good and bad times (sadly more bad times than good ones).

There are some good memories in the band. We've played some good concerts sharing stage with great bands such as Sepultura, Amon Amarth, Destruction, Watain, Agathodaimon and many others. We've recorded an album with Andy Classen in the Stage One Studio. Even we've got a nice video-clip. But all these things are just a few if you compare'em with all the effort and hard work there are behind Dark Embrace.

We've been fighting for a band with a tremendous difficulty to find permanent members. I've got a list with 32 ex-members (12 drummers, 4 keyboard players, 14 guitar players and 2 bass players). Most of you would think this band is some kind of dictatorship but it isn't. The reasons to leave this band are always more or less similar: girlfriends (!), lack of time for rehearsing, and afraid to go on tour or to record an album/demo. These three reasons are our enemies.

We've had the chance of making good tours with really big bands but everytime we wanted to go on tour, a band member left the band because suddenly he didn't want to go on tour or to play in such festival, etc... Every time something good comes, shit happens....

We've been looking for a label interested to release our album in a physical format (we had a digital edition with our label, but it will end in some days and the rights of the album are ours again). This album is not a master piece but I think it's an album which deserves to be listened by a good amount of metal fans, for sure they will enjoy it a lot.

It's strange but we sold out all our t-shirts and if you travel to some European metal festival, you will find someone dressing one of these t-shirts. We've got a lot of people interested in the band (you can take a look to our MySpace commentaries or to the big amount of friend requests we've got everyday). In spite of it, the album is not released yet (it was recorded in August 2005).

At this moment, it's a point where we have to ask ourselves what we want to do with the band. We're old enough to choose our life and how we want to spend our time.

We're working hard composing new songs, trying to find new members and trying to find a label to release our album. But it seems that all this work is in vain. So we've had to put a deadline.

Mainly, these are the two situations we have to solve:

  • Members: We're searching for a drummer and a keyboard player with availibity for rehearsing in the north of Spain (A Coruña), recordings, tours, concerts... and total compromise with the band. The applications can be sent to: promo [at] dark-embrace [dot] com

  • Label: We're searching for a label interested to release our album. The contact form is similar: promo [at] dark-embrace [dot] com

    Thank you very much to the people who supported us all these last years, we hope to keep on rockin' 100 months more!"

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    Posted: 25.10.2008 by Bad English


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    25.10.2008 - 16:56
    FOOCK Nam
    This band music reminiscend me Embrace My Ruins but they are far more better.

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