Tarja Turunen - Working On New Solo Album

Former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen has set "What Lies Beneath" as the working title of her new solo album, tentatively due before the end of the year. She says, "With [2007's] "My Winter Storm", I chose the name of the album in the early stages and that helped me to create the concept for the album. With the new album, I decided to do it the same way, so I searched for an inspiring title and all the songs are one way or another related to it."

Regarding the songwriting process for the new CD, Turunen says, "In the last months I've been writing a lot of music for my new album. Songwriting is always an amazing learning experience, and it has been a pleasure to discuss music with different people.

The album process is still going on and I have more songs that are in the working. It is sounding very promising. The songs are absolutely more mature, wild, and emotional and they sound more me, if I can say so.

The biggest difference in preparing this new album is that I will be taking the time that I need until the songs are in a shape that I am happy with. No matter how long it takes. I want it to be perfect for me. No hurry; no pressure."

Tarja's album "My Winter Storm" was re-released on January 2.

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Posted: 30.01.2009 by Bad English


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30.01.2009 - 20:33
The Shape 1973
Hope its better than the last album, that was really poor compared to Nightwish, even an Annette fronted Nightwish was better.
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30.01.2009 - 21:57
Written by The Shape 1973 on 30.01.2009 at 20:33

Hope its better than the last album, that was really poor compared to Nightwish, even an Annette fronted Nightwish was better.

You mustnt compare Tarja alone to Nightwish, cause simply She Is not Nightwish, she is trying to play something new far from Nightwish cause this past is still haunts her...
31.01.2009 - 04:03
Jason W.
I hope that the new album lives up to her words of being more mature It would be great for her to develop a sound that's all her own and also quality too. She's got a long way to go in the songwriting department, but her voice will always be there so there is certainly hope. I think having a bit less pressure on her and less of a time table will work to her (or anyone's) advantage!
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31.01.2009 - 19:22
Well I for one loved My Winter Storm, so huzzah for a new album.
05.02.2009 - 01:18
YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost had an orgasm just reading this!!!!!
06.02.2009 - 22:22
Underpaid M.D.
Yeah great news, it is always a pleasure to listen Tarja's voice
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01.12.2009 - 04:50
I can't wait till the new album comes out! I loved My Winter Storm, and she was amazing in concert! Can't wait for this!!!

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