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  12.06.2006 at 00:24
Well, in a norwegian forum, a guy made a thread about this cowboy-like heavy metal band. Fun music, probably not the kind you see often in this forum. But check it out: http://www.myspace.com/rebelmeetsrebel

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  12.06.2006 at 01:03
eh, they're alright. I have their cd and I thought they could have done better. There are a couple of really good songs and some badass guitar riffs, but there are too many sub-par songs on the album.
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  12.06.2006 at 02:08
Looking for the album myself. The songs on myspace was really cool so, ill se if i can get a hold of it.

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From: Estonia

  12.06.2006 at 21:20
Pantera meets country , their pretty cool band , some songs are really good , bot others not so good. The singer David Coe is a crazy man
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  18.06.2006 at 12:33
a very good album, pantera meets country, very heavy in places and works well, glad it got released as Dime is dead, I thought maybe they wouldnt release it due to his death but am glad they did
Doc Godin

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  19.06.2006 at 04:25
really sweet band, i bought the cd on a whim and didnt know what to think of it at first, its hard to get used to but once you grow accustomed to it its a really fun cd.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
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  19.07.2006 at 01:15
Got the cd now. Great! Some songs is just fun to listen to. Cowboys do more Dope f.example.
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  30.03.2007 at 00:11
i love the album. david coe's voice fits the music surprisingly well. and i really like how the piano blends in cowboys do more dope. alot of the songs are kinda bluegrassy feeling but they never lose the nice metal feel att all
Bitch Boy

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  30.03.2007 at 04:22
I heard the songs in their myspace and they have very good sound. This band announces itself good coming things.
Account deleted
  30.03.2007 at 10:07
I'm surprised nobody knows about Dezperadoz, they're amazing imo
if you want real good cowboy metal check out Dezperadoz- the Legend and the Truth. It sounds sorta like metallica but in the wild west. go here:

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