Best After forever album

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which one do you think is the best?

Prison of Desire
Invisible Circles

Total votes: 20
22.07.2006 - 04:20
this is one of my fave bands, i love Floor Jansen´s voice.
the best album (for me) is prison of desire, it´s just amazing, in some way is a concept album, good lyrics, and great composition (even when Decipher is really impressive too), arrangements are nice too and Mark´s growls are ok (doesn´t disturb much)
Wait in fire
22.07.2006 - 08:07
Kap'N Korrupt
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My favorite album by After Forever is Prison of Desire...first album I ever heard from them so it holds a special place's really well done with a lot of neo-classical stuff....awesome shit really....
22.07.2006 - 08:34
Great poll! I After Forever!

ALL of their albums are great IMO, but for me they just get better and better with each release. Everything has something amazing to offer (especially Invisible Circles, once you edit out the dialogue it kicks ASS). I voted for Remagine, of course, which I feel is their most mature work by far. Love all the albums, but Remagine is on my "desert island" list
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At the end of my days"
--The Gathering "A Life All Mine" from Souvenirs
23.07.2006 - 00:18
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Really love after forever, great band with a great singer! I love all their albums, but prison of desire is the best, love the sound and the feeling in that album... Remagine rocks too, but the front cover is ugly...
23.07.2006 - 04:46
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Well my fav one is Prison of Desire but is not a fair choice because I haven't hear Remagine yet...
But I do love Prison of Desire, I fell like all the songs in this album are part of my life, spacially Yield To Temptation.... but I love the lyrics of this album... just love it
23.07.2006 - 21:35
Umm is a tough decision since I love all After Forever albums. But i'll go with Decipher, it was the first one i listened and the one that made me love them so muuch. But i love all their albums, i think Remagine comes in a second place, like Lyrinan said is like their more mature, and i love the attitude, they kind of left that "gothic" label they had and this album proves it.
23.07.2006 - 22:57
Dark Phoenix
Yepp yepp AF is great Speciallz Floor

well I love all their releases, including the oh-so-hated Invisible Circles, and till Remagine I loved Decipher the most, but Remagine was just like.... WHOA! That felt kinda weird because generally I don't like prog but AF just make it so goddamn listenable, enjoyable and amazing. So, I chose Remagine, because it's a really mature and powerful album and AF has proved that without Mark Jansen they can be even better than before, as they have kept their typical AF sound and at the same managed degarade it to a higher level. Also I love Floor's vox on this album, because she keeps the perfect balance between operatic and non operatic singing and once more she has proven that she is one of the strongest voice there is out there! Hail AF!
24.07.2006 - 04:11
kind of weird, i really didn´t like Remagine that much
Wait in fire
25.07.2006 - 18:34

Remagine wasn't good to me all that much
IC still better

debut album is the best

ahh ... easily .. every release is less better than later one

but all are good at all , could be listened for..
i love this band
I saw her standing by the crimson sea...
Isolated by the silent thoughts...
Her gazing was intense but so dead...

The teardrops corroded the soil.. She couldn't say a word to me...
26.07.2006 - 01:11
indeed, IC was way better than Remagine
Wait in fire
12.08.2006 - 22:54
Bad English
I vote for ''Exordium'' why?
Because there are my fav song of After Forever and it isn not ''Evel What man do'' I prefere original performer, so there are My Choice'' and my choice are ''Exordium''
It was first song of After Forever and I still live it
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
13.08.2006 - 22:42
Southern Wind
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"Prison Of Desire" is a close to perfect album... it has a very innocent and subtle touch, and maybe objectively Decipher is a bit better but it has not the debut... my favourite songs by the band are "Leaden Legacy" and "Yield To Temptation"
10.11.2006 - 23:45
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Although it's the most comercial album, REMAGINE stays my fav
02.10.2007 - 17:54
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Decipher all the way , its the gothic metal masterpiece. before mark lost his mind and left his sister
29.04.2010 - 15:52
To Arms!
Decipher it is the greatest gothic metal album ever soudnds sometimes like children of bodom with violins hehe its awesome
Stay Metal !!!