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Which is the best album of Angra old an new era and Shaaman for you?

Angra - Temple Of Shadows25
Angra - Holy Land13
Angra - Rebirth10
Angra - Angels Cry8
Shaaman - Ritual5
Angra - Fireworks1
Shaaman - Reason1

Total votes: 63

Account deleted
  09.08.2006 at 05:07
Well, I was going to put only the best album of Angra. But I changed my mind because the new Angra isn't the same as the old I mean is a different band that only conserves the name of the old band. So I put Shaaman because the band desearves to be in the poll as the new Angra desearves. So the answer is: What's the best album of Angra/Shaaman? In my opinion it's Holy Land, it has the best song of Angra/Shaaman that is Carolina IV. Is hard to describe Carolina IV because it has a lot of change of rythms. It has speedy parts, slow and balladistic parts, latin folk parts and epic parts. That for me makes Carolina IV the best of Angra/Shaaman. Nothing To Say is classic of Angra, so catchy, so power, so good. The beautyfoul latin folk ballads Holy Land and Silence and Distance. The heavy/power Z.I.T.O and the mystic and powerfull The Shaaman. Also the classic ballads of Shaaman Deep Blue and Make Believe. This album has the folk elements in every song mixed with the best prog/power metal that Angra has ever did.
My list of the best album of Angra/Shaaman is:

1. Holy Land - Angra (old)
2. Ritual - Shaaman
3. Temple Of Shadows - Angra
4. Angels Cry - Angra (old)
5. Reason - Shaaman
6. Rebirth - Angra
7. Fireworks - Angra (old)

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From: Denmark

  09.08.2006 at 11:20
Shouldn't this tread be in the "Metal Arena"?

...anyway I voted 'Fireworks' by Angra, because that's the album form wich I know the most tracks and it contains my favorites

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Baz Anderson

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From: UK

  09.08.2006 at 23:00
well i will confess first, there is one album up there that i havent got - and that is 'Ritual' so i will leave that out

my favorite album up there is definatly 'Temple Of Shadows'
the album is so powerful and memerable - so many brilliant tracks, it is one of my all time favorite albums
second is 'Angels Cry' for me, then 'Holy Land' then 'Rebirth'
'Fireworks' is my least favorite Angra album, but i like it better then 'Reason'
Account deleted
  12.08.2006 at 10:36
I listen to Holy Land very much I just can't get enough of that album with songs like Carolina IV,Nothing to Say, and Silence and Distance.Angels Cry follows very close though!
Devil Child
Account deleted
  19.08.2006 at 20:49
This tread is a very diffucult one, but my vote goes to Holy Land, but I like every Angra and Shaaman albums (althought I never heard Reason yet, but Ritual is a killer album) , Angra is just so great, I preferred the old period slightly more. Anyway here is my favourite albums in order.

1-Holy Land (Angra)
2-Angel's Cry (Angra)
3-Ritual (Shaaman)
4-Temple Of Shadows (Angra)
5-Fireworks (Angra)
6-Rebirth (Angra)

* Never heard of Reason before.
Cloud Strife
Account deleted
  01.09.2006 at 23:00
Angra's Temple of Shadows cause it is perfect.
Shaaman's Reason cause, I don't know, but I think it's better than Ritual
Account deleted
  06.10.2006 at 11:38
well i think the best album is Holy Land, cuz is a wonderfull album, and i think all albums from angra and shaaman are a very nices works.and what about the songs, mm i think carry on is the better, then nothing to say, nova era,carolina iv, fairy tale, here i am, lisbon and rebirth
1.Holy Land
2.temple of shadows
3.angels cry
The Sasquatch

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From: USA

  07.10.2006 at 03:32
Temple of Shadows is Angra's best CD, even tho I like the original Angra better than the new one, I still think that ToS is the best album, and definally the best Power Metal album ever realised =)

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From: Mexico

  17.10.2006 at 04:35
i think that old angra and new angra are completely different, they only share the name. ok, i will start with old angra, i believe that holy land is the greatest materpiece of matos (including shaman cds). and refering to new angra, i think ToS i the best album of them, becuase is deeper and more complex than the other ones, its something innovating, but they dont forget their roots, is the best album ever!!!!
i think shaman only has one good album, and is ritual, personally i dont like reason(except for the cover "more", but thats no the point).
here is my list:
1 temple of shadows
2 holy land
3 rebirth
4 angels cry
5 ritual
6 fireworks
7 reason

thats it!!!
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From: Italy

  21.10.2006 at 01:06
Holy Land is definitely their best (obviously, for me) unfortunately i listened only a bit to the new angra albums, but for what i experienced in first person, i vote the 1996 disc
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To Arms!

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  21.10.2006 at 04:21
old angra best album - angles cry (love the classical music influences and the chorus of this album)
new angra best album - Temple Of Shadows (the most powerfull album ever made i belive)
Shaaman - Ritual (i dont like it that much but is better than reason) in fact i dont really like shaaman
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From: Finland

  24.10.2006 at 14:03
Temple Of Shadows. Probably the greatest metal-album of the 21st century.
To Arms!

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From: Mexico

  20.12.2006 at 06:04
Fireworks And Rebirth are so Underrated angra albums . i know they're not thier best but they have so many nice songs like Lisbon,Fireworks,Speed and Nova era,Millenium Sun,Acid Rain and Rebirth

rebirth is kind of progressive and no so extremely powerfull like temple of shadows , if TOS is too heavy for you check out Rebirth you'll love it
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From: Colombia

  28.12.2006 at 02:04
Angra is such an amazing band that everything they release is brilliant. However, I?ll have to choose Temple of Shadows because the more I hear it the more I like it. Is thoughtful, well produced and full of extraordinary musicianship. Temple of Hate has the best intro of power metal and spread your fire is damm catchy. Rebirth is also nice but less progressive and heavy then TOS, love running alone. Angels Cry is marvelous, pure latin roots mixed with the power of metal,wuthering heights cover is awesomely well singed by Matos. Every Angra's work is a piece of Art.
Bad English

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From: Sweden

  06.01.2007 at 16:25
Well I woud like demo ''Reaching Horizons'' one of best power metal album covers, but I hawnt ehar it I only know demo songs are into ''Angels Cry'' so I vote for it, its only album what I enjoy and its lil heavyer how others
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  24.03.2007 at 04:05
Shaaman - Ritual. I was never too much into Angra, and Shaaman second album just sucked. While Ritual was perfect: Great lyrics, great solos, drums, everything in that album is perfect.
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The Sasquatch

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From: USA

  04.06.2007 at 05:07
Ok guess I've changed my mind lol
1) Fireworks- Amazing guitar work
2) Reaching Horizons- w00t! Angra's best songs are there, and also its kind funny to hear the phone ringing on the Dont Disappear solo IMO! Altho I consider Matos the best vocalist ever, I think that he most have done something with his testicles to sing Kate Bush's "Whutering Weights" Jesus Christ thats really high pitched! But I just love it, great cover!
3) Holy Land/live- Carolina IV nothing else to say
4) Reasons- great album, tho I havent heard it that much
5) RitualaLive- because the live version is much better than the studio one
6) ToS- one of the best power metal album ever!
7) Angels Cry- great album but the Demos Reaching Horizons and Evil Warning were much better, BTW original Carry On is much better than this one =P
8) Freedom Call- the fell good songs (Deep Blue, Queen of the Night, Reaching Horizons) are on the demo, but I have to say, Stand Away is one of my fav songs

9) Hunters and Pray Demo- w00t! finally one song in Portuguese, which I think is great and they should do that more ofen because that song is pretty good, but fuck that cover Mama, the song is horriable already so dont cover it

10) Rebirth- nice try Angra, this album does have some good tracks, but its not even half as powerful and beatyful as the old ones

1000000000000000000000000) Aurora whatever- WTF?! what the hell is that? bad lyrics, bad guitars, bad instrumental in general, its not Power nor Heavy not ever Prog so what the hell is it? It doesnt have any traditional brazillian music influence at all
Account deleted
  04.06.2007 at 08:30
I love Temple of Shadows, its so proggressive and it very tallented power metal. Sabine Edelsbacher works so well with their sound.
Account deleted
  28.06.2007 at 21:29
A Difficult election, but well.... Angels Cry was the summit of the Progressive Power, Holy Land it was one of the pieces most importants in the Progressive Power, Fireworks is the most Melodic album of Angra. The new Angra with Rebirth was a good debut and Temple Of Shadows i think that was one of the best albums in the history of Angra, although Shaman with Ritual was one of the best faces of the Progressive Power. Reason the track More cover of Systers Of Mercy was a crap.

1. Angra - Angels Cry
2. Shaman - Ritual
3. Angra - Temple Of Shadows
4. Angra - Holy Land
5. Angra - Rebirth
6. Angra - Fireworks
7. Shaman - Reason
Account deleted
  13.10.2007 at 02:18
rebirth have a lot of great song like millenium sun and rebirth, etc. All the angra's album are good but this for me is the best
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Account deleted
  06.12.2007 at 05:35
I just love every single track in Rebirth so i voted for them, but all their albums are good IMO. Nova Era is my favourite song by Angra, you've got to love how it starts!
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido

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From: Mexico

  07.01.2008 at 08:05
Shaman's New Work: Ritual. It Blows Away everything done by shaman and Angra. At Least For me this disc has exceeded the expectatives that i had when i listened Reason and aurora Consurgens. Hail To Ricardo Confesri and company.

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From: Chile

  07.01.2008 at 17:02
It depends Ritual is thebest album of Shaaman ... then Temple of Shadows the best of the "new Angra" .... also Angles Cry it's the best of the "old Angra" ....
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Evil Chip

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From: Chile

  09.03.2008 at 01:34
Im not a power metal fan but holy land of angra and ritual of shaman are one of the best power metal albums i have ever heard, just because they have something original that its rare to find in the actual power metal scene. Between the both of this I choose Ritual because I have overplayed Holy Land but Carolina IV will always be the best track.

Posts: 46
From: Australia

  29.03.2008 at 14:20
I prefer Andre's voice to Edu but Temple Of Shadows's the best album Angra've ever made. It's a true masterpiece.

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From: Croatia

  02.05.2008 at 19:13
My favourite album is holy land for me it is the best angra album.

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Age: 29
From: Croatia

  03.05.2008 at 13:48
I like ToS because every song is different
Liver Failure

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From: Brazil

  02.08.2008 at 01:16
Holy land is absolutly better than Temple of Shadows.. ToS is ok, but most of the songs, specially ''Angels and Demons'' are very overestimated. Holy land is a classic, musically and culturally.. the representations of general brazillian culture and folklore were a great inovation. Once again i criticize other brazillian and south american bands that look like despise their own culture, as it is shown in this lack of Folk metal bands in our region.

Angra continue to use the indigenous elements in their music, in spit of having abandoned this elements lyrics.. and temple of shadown represents that phase.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
Evil Chip

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Age: 25
From: Chile

  14.08.2010 at 08:28
Written by Uirapuru on 02.08.2008 at 01:16

Holy land is absolutly better than Temple of Shadows.. ToS is ok, but most of the songs, specially ''Angels and Demons'' are very overestimated. Holy land is a classic, musically and culturally.. the representations of general brazillian culture and folklore were a great inovation. Once again i criticize other brazillian and south american bands that look like despise their own culture, as it is shown in this lack of Folk metal bands in our region.

Angra continue to use the indigenous elements in their music, in spit of having abandoned this elements lyrics.. and temple of shadown represents that phase.

Couldn't agree more with you. I have heard the new Andre Matos album and I'm highly disapointed, I think he has passed his genious peak which are Ritual with Shamana and Holy Land with Angra. The new Angra album Aqua is really good from what I have heard in Youtube

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