Andy Winter & Sverd

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06.09.2010 - 20:08
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According to Simen Hestnaes (ICS Vortex) his myspace page we could expect an Arcturus reunion, or information regarding a reunion in 2011.
06.09.2010 - 20:44
Totemic Lust
Andy Winter's work with Sculptured was amazing also... check that out if you haven't.
07.09.2010 - 08:30
Written by Introspekrieg on 06.09.2010 at 20:44

Andy Winter's work with Sculptured was amazing also... check that out if you haven't.

Thanx Introspekrieg, I'll check that out asap

Will winds ever come back? Coz I think the last time I checked they had taken down their myspace page
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17.01.2013 - 09:20
Written by Guest on 22.12.2012 at 14:03

Andy's back.. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Incomprehensible is looking good:

A list of tracks:

01. Reversed Psychological Patterns [featuring Agnete M. Kirkevaag of Madder Mortem]
02. My Illusions Are My Own [featuring John Haughm of Agalloch]
03. Perfection Is The Blank Page [featuring Kjetil Nordhus of Tristania, Trail Of Tears & Green Carnation]
04. Somewhere Else To Disappear [featuring Dan Swanö of Nightingale & Bloodbath]
05. Through The Eyes Of A Surrealist [featuring Lars A. Nedland of Borknagar, Solefald & Age Of Silence]
06. Far Beyond Autopilot [featuring Heidi S. Tveitan of Star Of Ash & Peccatum]
07. The Transversal Conjecture [featuring Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom & Subterranean Masquerade]
08. Back To Square Two [featuring Lars E. Si of Winds, Before The Dawn & Sensa Anima]

Through? The End Records
When? January 22nd

This is fantastic news. Just read about it now from Madder Mortem's page. You should have submitted it as news so that it appears on the front page.
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17.01.2013 - 13:43
Agnete is on it?! Sold! Not to mention all those other guests!
17.01.2013 - 20:46
Learning To "X"
Agnete, Kjetil, Dan, Lars fucking Eikind... wow.
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17.01.2013 - 21:00
Darkside Momo
That's a damn impressive list...

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