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"We Wither" webzine - exclusive metal interviews

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02.02.2011 - 19:45
Hi metal brothers and sisters around the world!

I would like to inform you about "We Wither" - the new webzine with metal interviews.

Right now online there are interviews with such bands as Hail of Bullets, Beaten Back to Pure, Triptykon, Cough, Unearthlty Trance, God Dethroned, Valkyrja, Intronaut of Mournful Congregation and musicians top of 2010.

As well there are interviews with Tombs, Kylesa, Coalesce and Cannabis Corpse which were done for the Polish paper fanzine called "Struggle" but they haven't been published in English before until now.

There are more interviews coming. The Hooded Menace one will be up in a week.

Feel free to visit "We Wither" at

Have fun and cheers!