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  18.05.2006 at 17:11
here i am again creating a thread for this kickass band!!

master mind Ettore has made his best!! the new Disarmonia Mundi titled "Mind Tricks" is one hell of an album. full of surprises, FOUR dudes on vocals, FIVE vox styles (3 death/2 clean) awesome solos and incredible instrumentation work.
really just can't get how can ONE guy write all that music and play all the instruments alone

to note: Speed of Soilwork is lending his throat again and he sounds great, i'd recommend checking this band out for all melodic death/Gothenburg style fans. Soilwork fans will hear a familiar voice, but dun worry, Disarmonia Mundi has their own unique sound which i'm sure you'll like!!

check out the new song of the new album (as well as others from previous album) here

for the vid of the song go to this profile and play the vid

Mind tricks is out on June.12.2006 but it has leaked on emule... so discuss the new album, the first, the middle, anything..... here we go.......
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  07.06.2006 at 01:51
i know! theyve been a recent favirote. and what i like is that hes not just good at one. hes a great drummer as well as guitarist/bassist/keyboardist. truly amazing!

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  07.06.2006 at 02:49
i have almost lost hope to find another metalstormer who like DM, thank god there is one!!

@Ibanez07: have you heared Mind Tricks yet? (it is available on torrent sites) Ettore's drumming is so good i don't know if he will ever find someone good enogh to play drums for the band!!

and on DM's Mind Tricks (for anyone else who randomly clicked on this thread) Claudio fully assumes vocal duties (minus the clean vox who -again- Ettore is handeling) and Speed is now almost like a guest vocalist here and there, more so going into the second half of the album. Claudio's deep growls and high screeches and all the inbetween is godly!!

i don't understand the rocord label promoting them as "the nad fronted by no other than Speed of Soilwork", they are pushing potential fans who diss that away, plus Soilwork fans will only wee them as copy-cats.

DM is really a great band, anyway they have posted another song from the new album on the myspace page here

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  08.06.2006 at 15:14
I know...my friend told me about them. I've only heard like 6 or 7 songs...and they've quickly become one of my top 3 bands. And I also agree with your opinion about Speed, he's got a great voice and all, but from what I understand he plays a pretty miniscule role in the actual music of the band...all a publicity stunt I suppose. Oh well, I hope they keep going!
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  22.06.2006 at 02:31
Ive heard some songs from Fragments of D-Generation, and upon first listen i was really impressed. Really good band to watch out for.
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  24.06.2006 at 00:13
I listened to "Mind Tricks" when it came out and it left me a very bad impression. First of all, I found the songs completely unoriginal, repetitive and boring, moreover - the riffs melodies they used had already been played to death by many other bands, many times.

What I liked about that album though were the song intros - they were cliche too, but had a nice flow, which was usually ruined by vocals and subsequent riffing.

My disappointment is even larger because I've heard many good things about the band and chose "Mind Tricks" to be my first encounter with it. Now I don't want to check out their other works. Are they better?

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  25.06.2006 at 17:48
well i really found the vocals on Mind Tricks better that Fragments. as they are very diverse with many styles.

dunno if i can say other albums are better, but Fragments indeed has more definition in guitars imo. the vocals had Speed almost all alone.

as for the first album, it might be the most impressive specially if you like a little bit of prog in your music. no song sound the same as the other. but it sounds almost like a completly different band btw. and my only complaint is that the vocals volume is very low.

the songs on Mind Tricls that stand out for me are "Parting Ways" & "Liquid Wings"!!
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  08.09.2006 at 00:46
their last album is fucking amazing!
i have heard it like... 2 times but it grows in me
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  11.09.2006 at 00:10
I like the recording style of Mind Tricks better. But I think Fragments is their best overall CD. I think they're truly finding themselves now; it's great.

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  11.09.2006 at 02:33
yeah they are, but man i wish they'd get themselves a full band, and start touring. though the i'm 100% the chances of them coming to the uk are pretty slim
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  14.09.2006 at 22:13
I've now listented to Mind Tricks...and have decided that the best song they've done is definitely 'Nihilistic Overdrive.'
Spirit Molecule
spirit molecule

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  16.09.2006 at 21:06
Good band like them
Are these guys slightly influenced my metalcore coz they do sound metalcore coz most places say they r DM i do agree they r DM . what u guys think?
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  17.10.2006 at 13:47
Written by Guest on 22.06.2006 at 02:31

Ive heard some songs from Fragments of D-Generation, and upon first listen i was really impressed. Really good band to watch out for.

I had hear same and I agree whit you its great Italian band and thay wont be so popular but thay kick ass more hwo soem other thay style bands
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  28.02.2007 at 21:35
Written by Spirit Molecule on 16.09.2006 at 21:06

Good band like them
Are these guys slightly influenced my metalcore coz they do sound metalcore coz most places say they r DM i do agree they r DM . what u guys think?

Metalcore ? :O Not at all m8.. this is pure melodic death and its more alike gothenburg style like soilwork or DT

Well, I really like this band.. great rifs, great melody and - Ettore Rigotti - OMFG ! As you said earlier this guy fuckin' ROCKS !
Fav album - Fragments of D-Generation imo. Although my fav song is "Celestial Furnace", the Mind Tricks album itself is less good that FoD-G.

Nonetheless I have to agree with a bad comment that I read somewhere here: vocals are a bit alike other bands.. many songs remind me trully of Soilwork.

Anyway DM rocks ! Great band One of my favs @ the moment (i'm always changing, but who cares).
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  01.03.2007 at 02:08
I have Fragments of D-Generation and I think it's decent. I could do without the cheesy choruses though.

I don't understand why Björn Strid is in this band because they sound exactly like Soilwork lol.

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  04.03.2007 at 23:32
well i wouldn't say they sound "exactly" like soilwork,, DM music is different (a lot better imo). it is just Speed's vocals make that connect,, but less so in the new album since Claudio finally got a chance to add his own!

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  24.05.2012 at 12:33
This Band Is Good I Like It Especially ''Perdition Haze'' It's Awesome !!!
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