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How old in years are you as of now?


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The original post

Posted by nasmith on 26.11.2012 at 04:22
I'm doing a school project where I'm trying to find the correlation between age and how much someone likes metal, and vice versa. Part of my study will include survey(s) asking metalheads how old they are. I thought I'd start here, since this is one of the most commonly used metal forums on a site totally devoted to metal.

I'm not specifying what "metal" is, because my teacher isn't going to understand what poser metal vs. real metal is, and TBH I think it's a load of elitist bull.

If you have any comments, post them. (Yes, I included an extremely wide range, because you never know. There's always that one 90-year-old who is tech-savvy and likes metal...... )

I'd like to get as many results as possible, for as accurate results as possible. And put serious answers. Please and thank you.



Thank you guys for responding. I'll keep this poll bumped until Dec. 7, when I'll have to turn in my raw data.

I realized before I even made this poll that there might be a higher percentage of teenagers and 20-somethings on here than at metal gigs, but I'm going to be doing surveys both online and in real life, this is just one of them.

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Valentin B

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From: Belgium

  28.11.2012 at 03:36
I think your result will be around 23-24 as the average metalhead age
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Alex Fenger
Method Man

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From: USA

  28.11.2012 at 05:17
15. Grew up listening to Maiden, Sabbath, Priest, and other bands in which I am able to omit the first word of the name and still have the general public understand to which band I am referring.

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Age: 18
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  09.12.2012 at 03:00
Bump for more data.

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From: USA

  10.03.2013 at 03:04
I feel old. Lol.


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