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How often do you listen to band's back catalogues?

A lot4
About 50% of the time1
Not at all0

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loins are moist

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  17.12.2013 at 00:23
I've noticed on this and other Metal forums that the Now Playing threads are usually dominated by new releases.

Which raises the question: "how often do people listen to band's back catalogues?"


Personally I listen to back catalogue stuff a lot of the time, even in instances when I've been listening to an album for 20+ years.

I try not to over play albums when I buy them so they have longevity and I don't get sick of them.

I sometimes will take a break from a band or album and then return to it down the line.

One thing that has resulted from this is that I'm less willing to buy new releases from bands that put out very similar sounding albums all the time anymore ala Amon Amarth. Why buy a new release when it sounds remarkably similar to back catalogue stuff I'm still listening to?

Though I did buy a lot of Dark Tranquillity and Bolt Thrower back in the day but these days I only buy stuff if it's got stand out tracks/sound.

And some bands are "1 album only" due to interchangability (e.g. Heaven Shall Burn).
Weirdo of MS

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  17.12.2013 at 00:33
Well, I search for a lot of stuff, so I kinda find more bands to hear than I have the time to hear them myself,
plus except rare cases, I always try to hear the latest album of a new band I discovered, so the tendency is to hear a lot of recent stuff.
However if I happen to like an specific band a lot, then I get older pieces of their discography, and I can usually hear those over and over again.
That happens to the albums I discover that are good. Even if the ages pass through, I can still enjoy them over time.
loins are moist

Posts: 6677
From: Australia

  17.12.2013 at 01:12
Written by Karlabos on 17.12.2013 at 00:33

I always try to hear the latest album of a new band I discovered

I got burned too many times when buying latest release for bands I was interested in e.g. Testament's Demonic album, Soilwork's Natural Born Chaos,Napalm Death's Diatribes and Stampin Ground's A New Darkness Upon Us, all of which were at best average and didn't really grab me.

And if I'd gone for latest releases for Iron Maiden, Sepultura and Megadeth, I would've been buying X Factor, Roots and Cryptic Writings instead of better older albums.

Even with Metallica I was lucky and got Ride The Lightning even though Black album was the latest thing out. Luckily RTL was cheaper.

Hence I usually look at reviews for albums and have a "try before I buy" courtesy of Youtube.

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