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Posted by Angel N. on 16.08.2014 at 11:13
Is there anything like musical integrity/honesty ? Do you believe in such thing ?

I think there is, there are musicians who sacrifice their style for the sake of the musical brands which sell more, actually nothing bad about selling more, but you know what I mean by that, like most of the goth metal albums, on the other hand there are musicians who sacrifice their music by too much musical showmanship, like those guitar shredding lovers, technical metal albums which hold the least of aesthetic value, so that they lose the musical integrity/honesty in their music. What do you think ?

BTW, please don't respond back like "this is stupid topic", I'd love to know the reasons whether they're in support of or opposing what I asked.

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  11.09.2014 at 03:34
The stealing comment was sort of a joke,
But its still not cool man.
Anyways they weren't just generic riffs.
I'll have to find the songs.
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Shadow King

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  21.09.2014 at 09:31
I personally agree that there is such thing as Musical Integrity/Honesty or what have you. Sure, certain bands may become household names over time as a result of wider exposure thanks to being part of big labels; those bands may also drastically change their sound as a result of the exposure or for other creative reasons, but for me it's all about "keeping the fire" if you know what I mean. Bands that do change their sound or become mainstream should be passionate about what they make for the music consuming public and continue to have good creative ideas for new albums no matter which direction they take. The very moment they place "fame, fortune, and bitches" above their musical craft (a'la Kiss) or go through the motions making listless, boring works just because their brand name is on it (Geoff Tate, Nickelback [not that I liked them to begin with], etc.) is the moment I stop supporting the artist. You cannot achieve the ends without perfecting the means, and by going through the motions when making music, it means you just don't care about the fans expecting you to further enrich their musical experience, rather than cynically going along for the ride just because you're famous. If the artist retires because they have run out of ideas, I'd be okay with it, since they're at least being honest. Sorry for the long post, hopefully it makes sense.
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  09.10.2014 at 19:11
I think Xasthur is one of those musicians who is an exact example of "Musical Honesty/Integrity " , I can also name Subrosa and Kylesa, Lunar Aura and so on...
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Bad English

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  09.10.2014 at 23:21
Ac/Dc -- I Played ball like 50 times and I did not get bored
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  10.10.2014 at 00:03
Written by Bad English on 09.10.2014 at 23:21

Ac/Dc -- I Played ball like 50 times and I did not get bored

Well I think it's not related to how many times you listen to a song and if you never get bored of it I'm not sure
The Fangirl.

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