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Posted by The Alchemist, 05.02.2007 - 23:50
I wasn't really into movie soundtracks, the only one I knew is The Conquest of Paradise, I like it very much, but that was it.
3 weeks ago, a friend gave me 2 ms: Dracula and The Lord of the Rings.
I was impressed, these soundtracks are just awesome, I like specially the atmosphere it creates, I have to admit that it does it better than many metal bands.

So, what movie sountracks do you like? which ones do you recommend?
06.02.2015 - 13:32
I see Conan mentioned quite a bit, and yeah - it's pretty good as fa as orchestral, epic stuff goes. It is subtle and melodic, rather than the bog-standard pompous and loud scores you get in scores (eheh) these days.

I love the Blade Runner soundtrack, though. Even as a standalone, it is one of the better ambient/progressive electronic albums out there.
06.02.2015 - 21:24
Yeah i concur Blade Runner have god electronic soundtrack as the rest of Vangelis albums .
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09.02.2015 - 21:05
Repo Man has an absolutely stellar sound track as well.
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01.03.2016 - 20:02
The Psilosopher
This is insanely cool! I love it more than the movie itself and can't stop listening to this.

22.04.2016 - 21:51
The Revenant has one of the best soundtracks Ive ever heard. and it is a great standalone ambient album which is somewhat rare these days