Your Favorite Opeth Album?

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Posted by Dane Train, 20.06.2007 - 23:51
A band that has been able to bring diehard Progressive Metal and Death Metal fans together, Opeth has had a stunning career. With one fantastic album after another, this tour de force has created a massive following. Like many great Prog bands, Opeth's discography does not seem to have a clear cut favorite of fans. So lets toss it out there, what is your favorite album. Also, please tell us why.

I'll go first. Blackwater Park is my pick. Is it their best work? Not sure, but it is the one I fell in love with first. A seamless blending of Swedish Death Metal and 70's Progressive Rock helped to create some very memorable Progressive Metal songs. I also think this is the first album where Mikael Åkerfeldt really began to shine as a vocalist and took the band in a new direction. This album also contains my favorite Opeth song, "The Drapery Falls" as well as other top songs like "Bleak" and "Harvest". Every song is well crafted and can stand on its own.


Your favorite from Sweden's prime Progressive Death Metal band.

Blackwater Park
Still Life
Ghost Reveries
My Arms, Your Hearse

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21.04.2014 - 21:39
Account deleted
Got to be morningrise, although i do love bwp
23.04.2014 - 13:49
Damnation. Was the first Album that really talked to me on a personal and emotional level. It's been my gateway to Steven Wilson and all the Prog Genre. Remains as my favourite ever.
10.05.2014 - 15:39
Fallen Ghost
Ghost Reveries to me, a masterpiece! Watershed on second place
10.06.2014 - 02:34
Close call for me, but I picked Morningrise over BWP. Depending on my mood on a given day, that can change.

1. Morningrise - It's like they took everything they were aiming for on Orchid and refined and perfected it. One of my favorite albums ever.
2. Blackwater Park - I discovered this album (and in my quest to hear more, the much wider metal world) online when it was first released. It literally changed my life.
3. MAYH - I know I have it higher than some. But it features a few of their best songs (I actually think Credence is possibly the best mellow song they've done.)
4. Deliverance - The only problem with this album is it loses some steam. The first four songs and the opening riff of the fifth are outstanding. The title track is sooo good.
5. Orchid - I wish I would have known about this album at the time and gotten on board from day one. It was clear this band was going to be special.
6. Damnation - I remember a lot of people getting bent out of shape that they did an entirely mellow album. My only complaint was that it wasn't longer. Wilson worked some magic - rarely has a mellotron sounded this evil.
7. Still Life - Blasphemy, I know. It just never grabbed me quite the way that the previous and next album did.
8. Ghost Reveries - As a stand alone album this is still very good, though a little up and down to me, and maybe some places where the keyboards seemed tacked on. I think Wilson's departure was obvious. Again, I like it a lot, but not like their previous stuff.
9. Heritage - I actually like this album even though everyone else seems to hate it. That's fine, I love Storm Corrosion even more and no one else gets that one either. I don't care that it's not metal, it's got Damnation's eerie feel and some very creative moments as well. I think it's a little inconsistent from one track to the next, but the high moments are very high. I almost put it above GR.
10. Watershed - I appreciate the experimentation. I'm the last person that would ever claim Opeth owes it to anyone to play the style we want. You've got to let the artists create. But there's not one individual song or moment on this album I can point to and say that I'm blown away (from an emotional standpoint, I mean. Technically, sure.) It's the only Opeth album for which I can make that remark.
19.07.2014 - 00:26
My Arms, Your Hearse. This is the album that gets another round allmost every time it gets played.