Paradise Lost, Orphaned Land

Event: Paradise Lost, Orphaned Land
Written by: Darkside Momo
Published: 04.05.2008


Paradise Lost & Orphaned Land by Jeff (5)

Orphaned Land

Finally Orphaned Land are on the road, supporting gothic/doom veterans Paradise Lost. I had been waiting for so long to see them live, so I couldn't miss this show.

But the first to play were Society 1 for about half an hour, and that was enough. This band seems to have taken all the gimmicks of metal, from both the musical and visual points of view. The vocalist is a complete poser, the bassist is a bad clone of Kerry King. The music: a little bit of Marylin Manson, a little bit of Slipknot, and some metalcore. I didn't like at all, neither did most of the audience.

Orphaned Land

Next was Orphaned Land. The band was awaited by a part of the public (their first 2 albums where published by Holy Records, a French label, so they are somewhat known here in France), which granted them the best welcome of the evening. And it was well worth it. Alterning between songs from the fabulous Mabool and their other two excellent albums, the band delivered an intense, electric show, with the fans singing all along. This gave a magical feeling to this show, yes, the magic of the albums was there, in a joy shared by both the band and the fans. The sound was pretty good, and the setlist was quite good too. Of course, I could complain that none of my favourite songs were played, but that doesn't matter.

Setlist Orphaned Land:

Ocean Land
El Meod Na'ala
The Kiss Of Babylon
Seasons Unite
Birth Of The Three
A Neverending Way
Norra El Norra
Ornaments Of Gold

Orphaned Land

The musicians? Very good! Kobi Fahri is a really charismatic singer, switching easily between death growls and beautiful clean vocals, and often making the public sing along. The rest of band are also as good as on the album, Yossi moving everywhere on the stage, singing along…
As you have understood, I was really happy, Orphaned Land's music is really good live (but anyone who has listened to the bonus live packed with Mabool already knows it). A fabulous show… but too short! Next time Orphaned Land deserves to be headliners, no doubt about it. If you missed them, shame on you.

Orphaned Land

And now Paradise Lost. Er… The show started in a weird way, I must say. Nick Holmes seemed to have lost most of his voice, and I found the first songs (Don't belong, So much is lost) much slower and softer than normal. I was thinking that it was going to be a bad Paradise Lost show… but then Nick regained (nearly) all his vocal abilities again, and the band regained its strength, so the show really begun. As I Die, Hallowed Land, True Belief, and even Enchantment (I never thought I'd hear this one played live one day!) were greatly acclaimed by the fans, who seem to all hail Draconian Times as the best Paradise Lost album ever.

Paradise Lost

Setlist Paradise Lost:

Don't Belong
So Much Is Lost
Symbol Of Life
Hallowed Land
Accept The Pain
No Celebration
For all You Leave Behind
As I Die
True Belief
One Second


Forever After
Over The Madness
Say Just Words

Of course they played many songs of their last release, like Forever After and Over the Madness (a really excellent song, reminiscent of the Shades of God - Icon era), and the show ended with Say Just Words, as always the most acclaimed song. Finally, we had a really atypical setlist for a good show, where all the musicians seemed to be having a good time (except maybe Greg McIntosh?)

Darkside Momo

P.S.: Thanks again to all the musicians of Orphaned Land for their great kindness! Hope to see you again in France…

Note by Jeff: Yeah it was an excellent show, and that's good to meet cool guys like the members of Orphaned Land. See you later in France!!


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