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The Answer, Koritni, Toulouse - France, 08.06.09

Event: The Answer & Koritni
Written by: FreakyMarge
Published: 17.09.2009


The Answer + Koritni by Moocher (30)

It was the first time that I was going to see Koritni and The Answer performing live. Earlier in the afternoon, the lucky French people from Toulouse had the possibility to meet the two bands in a well-known store for a signing session and a little acoustic gig of Koritni. I was there, and it was the perfect appetizer for the upcoming show.

Lex Koritni and the French guitarist Eddy Santacreu gave a really nice moment of soft but intense music to the 50 people present, and proved without any doubts that the dear Lex has one of the best rock voices nowadays.

Several hours later, a few people were waiting for the main dish in front of the small venue that was about to welcome the two bands. It was incredible to see that lag between their talent and the standing of the place. In the end, it wasn't unpleasant to see them here, because of the particular atmosphere that the small stage and the limited space gave to the show. But hey, they deserve so much better!
Anyways, Koritni performed as I expected they would: powerful, energetic, charismatic, and very effective. Their songs were catchy as hell and the guys were really good entertainers. The different poses of Lex and his numerous ways to replace his hair were kind of amusing and the whole band was clearly motivated and motivating. Time passed quickly and I think everybody was impatient to take it up a level with the headliners. And what level!

Ladies and gentlemen, they are The Answer. After Koritni's very good job, the audience and I were ready to receive another slab of rock… but were we really?
All I can say is that what was going to happen here comes without a warning. From the very first moment that the four Irish arrived on stage, we knew that we're going to have a good time. A very good time. Well, let's be perfectly clear here: one of the best times that one could during a concert.

The little venue was hot as hell, and it didn't calm the ardour of the crowd. One riff in we were board in a pure time machine; 40 years back with all the present elements that make their music so personal and fresh. Like a kind of rock'n roll Delorean, mythic and modern, the best of both worlds, back to the future of music!
The sound was clear and loud, the band bright and powerful, their songs simple but deeply possessed. It was a sensory overload kind of show. Your ears are filled with sonic goodness, your eyes are hypnotised, and your whole body's dedicated to enjoy that precise style of show that is missing so much nowadays.
You have that particular and paradoxical feeling to be a part of it while being external of the essence that makes it so magical. Actor and witness. And you barely have the consciousness to list why:

I liked the flowers shirt and flare pants of the singer. I liked his attitude, his way to move and to shake while rolling eyes. I liked to see the drummer smiling and playing with some kind of weird position. I liked to see the guitarist bent on his instrument, concentrated and enjoying it. And I liked to see the bassist powerfully take possession of his role, giving to his groove all the weight it deserves in a rock band.
But above all, I loved to see a real band playing and share with us their real passion. To see Cormac jump into the crowd to make us sing in his mic, and the fact that there were children, and forty and fifty year old people in addition to the usual metal audience to sing with him.

The show had to be seen by all those who claim to love music and rock with a large "R" and who had not made the trip tonight, as words alone cannot do it justice. Giving us the best from their first two albums, they have given us much more than an hour and a half of music. And I hope that more people will be able to understand what.
They have not lied ladies and gentlemen: they ARE The Answer.


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