Lacrimas Profundere - Ave End (Song by Song)

With: Oliver and Christopher [Guitars, Vocals]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 26.07.2004

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Lacrimas Profundere
Album info: Ave End

01. One Hope's Evening
02. Ave End
03. To Bleed Or Not To Be
04. Sarah Lou
05. Amber Girl
06. Testified
07. Astronautumn
08. Evade
09. Wake Down
10. Black
11. Come, Solitude
12. Ever [bonus]

Its our first concept album and it deals with "the end" every songs speaks about the end of a relationship, or about drugs, whores and other things that lead you to the end

01. One Hope's Evening:
this was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. After the recordings of the "fall, I will follow"-CD we decided to do a little step back to our roots. Therefore it was very important to have some deeper songs on the album. So this is one of them. The music began very quietly and slow and than the sound grow up through the drums, the voice, the Hammond till the walls of guitar riffs at the last part of the song.

02. Ave End:
A very straight Song. Melancholy Kicks ass music. One of the best songs on the album and not at least because of that it is the title track. We did a video clip of the song and the TV-stations here in Germany like the clip a lot, so you can watch it about every day her in Germany.

03. To bleed or Not to be:
I wrote this song after I listened to a "type o negative" album but there is nothing that reminds me on this band. For me this song could be at an older Paradise Lost record. This song is about drug-abuse for that reason Christopher invented his "Shakespeare-fake-title" to bleed or not to be because you have to put a syringe into your veins before you can exist.

04. Sarah Lou:
Few months ago I got my "V-Amp" from our endorser Behringer equipment. I checked it out and suddenly I played the chorus of this song. After 30 minutes later the song was done. We love the refrain. It's music that wants to stay in your head without being commercial. The lyrics are about broken love and a girl which drives you definitely crazy because of all that jealousy-shit.

05. Amber Girl:
The first track our drummer Willy wrote for Lacrimas. In my opinion a gothic rocker per excellence. By the way the lyrics are about a horny bitch.

06. Testified:
The former title of this song was "phantom ballad" but after the recordings we decided to change the title because we loved the feeling of the word "testified" in the song. A very deep and melancholic song.

07. Astronautumn:
A very fast rocker. A great live number. We love so much to play this song. We tried to put some effects on the vocals and suddenly we had this effect and it sounded like a scream for help of an astronaut so we searched for a title that includes this word. After "asstronaut" and "the ass of an astronaut" Christopher said "astronautumn" a mix of astronaut and autumn and that's the story.

08. Evade:
The next personal highlight for me. This song is our tribute to our past tour with Paradise Lost. The chorus is fantastic. It's the hymn of the whole album.

09. Wake Down:
The first song I wrote for the CD. Very deep and dark sound. This song could be on our "Burning: A Wish" album also. A very "Lacrimas-old-school" song.

10. Black:
Another smash in your face song. First of all there was the four - tone melody and I built the riffs and the bridge around this simply melody. The melody sounds a little bit like a broken musical-box-quite mad and for that reason nice.

11. Come, Solitude:
For me the saddest ballad I heard in the last 10 years. Christian our keyboard player wrote this song and Christopher wrote the vocal lines to the track. It s a very good end for an album that wears the title "Ave End".


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