Nemesea - Mana (Song by Song)

With: Hendrik Jan de Jong [Guitar]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 26.04.2005

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Album info: Mana

01. Nemesis
02. Threefold Law
03. Empress
04. Angel In The Dark
05. Mortalitas:
    1 - The Taker
    2 - Dies Irae
    3 - Moriendum Tibi Est
    4 - From Beneath You It Devours
06. Lucifer
07. Disclosure
08. Beyond Evil
09. Cry

01. Nemesis:
This is the intro of our record "MANA" and It explains our band name in a sense.
Nemesis is the goddess of revenge and justice. Nemesea means the day the ancient Greek dedicated to the goddess Nemesis.

02. Threefold Law:
This is the opening tune of the record and is about Manda's religion 'the wicca'.
Basically the song is about the most important rule/law concerning the Wicca.
Everything you do will come back (in) Threefold! Good and bad.

03. Empress :
Empress is about a powerful and beautiful woman (Empress) who takes advantage of the weak and poor. This is what happened a lot in medieval times. What Manda meant with the lyrics is that It isn't only a medieval situation but this is happening still today, everywhere. People put on a mask to get what is best for themselves, even when It means "controlling and destroying other people's lives.

04. Angel In The Dark :
This is the first song I wrote including the lyrics.
It's about a girl who wants to break out of the bad environment she is in.
Everything that can be wrong in a family IS wrong in her family.
No money, abuse, drugs and alcohol, a very sad but (unfortunately) common situation really…
The girl "the angel in the dark" fight's and fight's to break out but It's impossible.
Every time she sees a little bit of light or a door "unlocked" she gets pulled back into "the Dark". It's a situation you (at least I do) often read or hear about.
Kids who want and try to lead a better live and want to make a new start but are surrounded by the wrong people who are or have been in the same situation

Mortalitas: Is about life and death, the one thing we can not escape of!

05. I. The Taker :
Part 1, is about a boy who fight's against death.
He wakes up one morning and can not move.
He hears a voice (death) and It gets clear to him these are his last moment alive.
The boy starts asking questions about why It's Judgement day for him cause he doesn't want leave his life really…

06. II. Dies Irae :
Part two leaves the boy in doubt behind still hearing "the Takers" words in is head.

07. III. Moriendum Tibi Est :
Part three tells about the fight and struggle over life and death.
The boy wants to live and doesn't want to leave evrything behind. He wants to have a future.

08. IV. From Beneath You It Devours :
Part four is about a loosing control, loosing life and last breath.
The boy lost the fight, from beneath him It devours…….

Basically the whole song (Mortalitas) is about (the last) struggle with death.

09. Lucifer :
This track is about good and evil.
Good will always be the stronger kind, no matter what Lucifer/Satan tries.

10. Disclosure :
This is very personal song Manda wrote and wants to keep to herself.

11. Beyond Evil :
This song is about a person ( a lot of persons nowadays ) who's just not real in a sense that she carries a mask when she's among people. Lying, deceiving, being fake. When this person stands in front of a mirror you can see her real identity. This is a general problem, a lot of people don't see the real identity of (important) people.

12. Cry :
Everybody has lost loved ones or will in the future. This song is about the moments that you think of that or those person. Sometimes a brief moment of sadness, emotional dreaming thinking about the lost love ones. Manda had a very special relationship with her Granny and that's why see dedicated this song to her.


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