Rudra - Brahmavidya: Primordial I (Song by Song)

With: Kathir [Vocals, Bass]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 22.08.2005

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Album info: Brahmavidya: Primordial I

01. Twilight Of Duality
02. Ananya Chaitanya
03. The Pathless Path To The Knowable Unknown
04. There The Sun Never Shines
05. Veil Of Maya
06. Ageless Consciousness, I Am
07. Meditations On The Mahavakya
08. Aham Brahmasmi
09. Shivoham
10. In The Fourth Quarter: Turiya

01. Twilight Of Duality:

This song went through several rounds of changes before we settled for this version. Initially this song was supposed to be one of the middle tracks in the album, but somehow it emerged as the opening track.

02. Ananya Chaitanya:

This song was the first song to be written for the album. Selvam took great interest on this song more than any other song.

03. The Pathless Path To The Knowable Unknown:

We knew the third song of the album had to rock! And we knew this song will rock way before we even finished the song. I had the opening chants ringing in my ears for many months before I decided to incorporate it into the song. Our personal favorite.

04. There The Sun Never Shines:

One of the songs which we faced great difficulty in spite of it ending up as a simple song with a lot of emotions, especially when the female vocals kicks in. Aishwarya (the female vocals) had to put a lot of hard work in the studio with me as Metal music was something new to her. In spite of it she performed well.

05. Veil Of Maya:

One of the songs primarily composed by Selvam and Kannan. They are always good with hard hitters and this is one of our favorites.

06. Ageless Counsciousness, I Am:

The feature in this song is of course the traditional South Indian percussion. We have always wanted to include this style in our songs but it has always been our ill luck that we never got around meeting the right ensemble. A chance meeting with the ensemble right before our recording resulted in this collaboration. I must say that listening to the guys live is an awesome experience.

07. Meditations On The Mahavakya:

We almost deleted this song from the album as all of us didn't like the way it turned out. But this happens to be our Producer Joshua's favorite song. And it was also a favorite with our record label. So you see it in the track list.

08. Aham Brahmasmi:

We love to play this song in our shows. A sure entry into our set list. And the crowd just love it.

09. Shivoham:

This is a track that we had the most difficult time writing. The lyrics are in Sanskrit. The interesting detail would be that both Shiva & Selvam are yet to meet the vocalist, Aishwarya, on this track.

10. In The Fourth Quarter: Turiya:

This was the last song we wrote for the album. Initially none of us liked it until it was recorded and it sounded overwhelming. A perfect way to end the album…..with a blast!



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25.08.2009 - 05:07
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They dont define their songs very well...

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You guys should define it seriously. Your stuff are really good.
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This is among the best albums of the world !

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