Canaan - The Unsaid Words (Song by Song)

With: Mauro [Guitars, Vocals, Samples & Bass]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 27.02.2006

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Album info: The Unsaid Words

01. The Wrong Side Of Things
02. This World Of Mine
03. Sterile
04. The Possible Nowheres
05. Fragment # 1
06. Senza Una Risposta
07. Fragment # 2
08. Fragile
09. Fragment # 3
10. In a Never Fading Illusion
11. Just Another Noise
12. Il Rimpianto
13. Thr Unsaid Words
14. Fragment # 4
15. Never Again
16. Nothing Left (To Share)

01. The Wrong Side Of Things :

Starts the journey, but not from the correct point of view. Rather backwards, in a different perspective. And ends with a begging for mercy. Have mercy on me because...

02. This World Of Mine :

This is my world. A place I can call home, but a place nobody else would call so. It's a tricky place, where things change their face, form and meaning very quickly. A world that's undoubtedly...

03. Sterile :

Sterile. Nothing grows here if I don't want it to. It's just a place where things grow older. A place that after all is NOT a place, but just...

04. The Possible Nowheres :

A nowhere. Like a hole in the continuum, a void among solid prisms of noise. A world filled with nightmares, but I love them all, as they are MY nightmares, and no one else is allowed to cherish and nourish them. You could think it's just an ugly place, but...

05. Fragment #1 :

It has its beautiful corners. With people singing their anguish in nice choirs. Sitting by a river, watching the waters and trying to find some kind of...

06. Senza Una Risposta :

Answer. Answer to a question that nobody asked. Yet. Trying to figure out what's wrong, trying to figure out why life never gives answers, but just gives and takes. Trying to put together fears, desires, hopes and...

07. Fragment #2 :

Shaping them in form of melody. A strange instrument playing for itself, drawing images in the brittle air, leaving on your retina a passing image of a beauty that's...

08. Fragile :

Fragile, like a leaf in a whirlwind. Fragile, like a man who's struggling to understand the reasons, the meaning, the paths of a life he doesn't comprehend, but just undergoes. With pain. With a suffering that comes from being constantly BEHIND, out of place, out of time. Alone, yet...

09. Fragment #3 :

Not entirely, as there's a presence out there (in there ?) that keeps on playing even when silence would have a meaning. A sound you would like to cancel, but that simply EXISTS, beyond your reach, and this sound makes you suspect you're...

10. In A Never Fading Illusion :

Into a never ending illusion. Like in a psychic black hole, caught by its gravitational gradients, unable to discern what's real and what's not. You feel like a writing on a wall, that time will cancel without mercy. But suddenly...

11. Just Another Noise :

A noise brings you back to another reality (which one ?), breaking the spell you were building around you. Leaving a strange taste in your mouth, much like if you are eating out your own flesh. And this is something you…

12. Il Rimpianto :

Will regret, sooner or later. When the time comes to draw another line and put on the scales the good and the evil you've done, you'll see that the missing flesh you disrupted would have been helpful in raising the good. But still you destroyed it, mainly because you didn't find...

13. The Unsaid Words :

The right words to beg your pardon. You have something to say, but the words stand securely locked in your head. No way to let them loose. And time passes by, leaving just REGRET. For what is not complete. For the occasions you lost, for the things left undone. And you know there's nothing you can do, because…

14. Fragment #4 :

The presences around you are hostile. You feel you're in danger, but you would rather wither away in silence, shouting out loud that…

15. Never Again :

You will never make the same mistake again. But it obviously false, as you've been doing the very same mistakes along your whole life, and you know you are going to do them again and again. But with every mistake, a part of you fades out, until…

16. Nothing Left (To Share) :

There's nothing left to say, nothing left to share, nothing left to do, but trusting the only thing that's really yours: your pain.


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