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Gitaron - The First Battle (Song by Song)

With: Giovanni "Gio" Smet [guitar and vocals]
Conducted by: Thryce (in person)
Published: 13.09.2007

01. Enter My Church
02. Excalibur
03. We're Knights
04. Blood On The Wall
05. Flame Of Hate

(Originally done in Dutch)

1. Enter My Church

For me, this song is the perfect and ideal opener for the demo album. Also the title is typical for an opening song actually: enter, enter my church. The track has a lot of rhythm alterations and the riff from the intro comes back during the different transitions in the song. There's also a terrific chorus where Femke's female background vocals appear very well, which makes it a very appealing and great refrain. The song has also a few interesting breaks. In fact, it's actually not an easy song, but at the same time it's quite the typical Gitaron composition. The lyrics are merely based on a feeling of the particular moment when I was writing the song, and so, because it's based on a feeling, "Enter My Church" cannot be translated literally into another language. It's very hard to describe where the song is about. But the main idea that lies behind the lyrics is how to get over a hard period and to cope with a certain feeling when you feel very down and low.

2. Excalibur

This is the very first number composed by the band Gitaron, at that time still known as Excalibur. The composition of this song is not comparable with other songs of ours, since it's simpler, but therefore it becomes also a powerful and strong song. Honestly, "Excalibur" is still one of my favourite Gitaron songs. Unlike the previous track, this song does bases on something in particular, namely the sword Excalibur of King Arthur. There are no other meanings behind these lyrics, they are purely written about the sword Excalibur. This is also a very straightforward song, though with a couple of breaks at the beginning, but all in all there aren't that many tempo alterations. Just a straightforward, kick ass song.

3. We're Knights

For me personally, the third track of the demo is also the best one. The various bass parts are very important in this song. Our bassist Wilfried, has experimented a lot for the specific bass twist. You can hear a few funky jazz aspects, combined with a bit of slapping maybe. Once again the song has a great chorus. Important to mention is that besides the few necessary breaks, there's also a nice solo part, played by the two guitarists together. The lyrics do not refer to the medieval knights but rather to the contemporary knights of these days. In a way it also refers to Gitaron itself, as we are the innovating knights of these days.

4. Blood On The Wall

This is a very special and different number, certainly when it comes to the lyrics. I can't tell that much about the song, but in short, it talks about a very special and rough feeling. Musically it's a very fascinating song: there are a lot of changeovers, a lot of different chords and riffs, a few rhythm and tempo alterations, and so on. "Blood On The Wall" is actually the rougher version of a typical Gitaron song. But lyrics wise it's a hard to explain song since it's originated from a certain rough feeling.

5. Flame Of Hate

This song is again one of the first songs we ever made over a year ago. The intro of this song is really fantastic. Afterwards, the song then switches to a totally different rhythm structure, but still it all perfectly fits together. The intro is quite oriental, and maybe a bit Arabic too, and it then moves over into a tight metal riff. The lyrics on this song are certainly straightforward and mean what they mean, so they have in fact no further deeper meaning. This song is also the only song on the demo where second guitarist Aaron took care of the solo. "Flame Of Hate" is really the perfect clincher of this demo.


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