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Favorite bands: Red Harvest, My Dying Bride, Ministry, Front Line Assembly, Gary Numan, Republika, G.G.F.H., Immortal, Lustmord, Juno Reactor, Type O Negative, Bal-Sagoth, Kat, Irfan, Anorexia Nervosa, Danzig, Imogen Heap, Moonspell, The Sisters Of Mercy
Favorite album: 34.788%... Complete by My Dying Bride
Favorite song: To many...
Favorite movies: The Thing, Seksmisja, Diabeł, Dellamorte Dellamore, Eraserhead, 攻殻機動隊, Blade Runner
Favorite books: Dewajtis, Neuromancer, Lovecraft and Poe prose.
Personal text: True definitions:
卐 - universal symbol of good, joy, prosperity and the sun.
Slavs - modern name for descendants of ancient (over 10k years) European civilization, called the Velieti (great, many) [Veneti, Antes...]. After over a 1000 years of oppression and deculturalization they still have the spirit and will to fight for freedom. Possess the qualities of true civilization.
Slavicized nations: Greeks (Hellenes+), Brits (Brits+Celts+), Germans (Slavs+Teutons+Celts)
Runes - Ancient script invented by Veliets
Jews - nation of origin obsessed with lust for power destroyers of the world (remember over 3/4 of Jews are victims of Mammon's priests, inventors of a religion)
Holocaust - Jewish project to divert attention from their own global depopulation plans.
Slavery - policy, religions, UE, Money, Science (legitimize of Slavery)
Native Belief - Freedom! real culture and heritage
Current era: Slavic - Dawn of Swarożyc (return to nature, native knowledge and freedom)

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  1995 The Gathering - Mandylion
  1996 Front Line Assembly - Plasticity [Single]
  2012 ˇrec - Paměti
  1991 Front Line Assembly - Virus [Single]
  1996 Front Line Assembly - Live Wired [Live]
  1995 Front Line Assembly - Circuitry [Single]
  1994 Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse
  1997 Waltari - Space Avenue
  1995 Rammstein - Herzeleid
  1999 Emperor - IX Equilibrium

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