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1. Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos
IMO their best, Classic heavy conceptual mechanical death machine
2. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
Their music was extremely innovative and way ahead of its time, classic; the best american death metal band EVER without a doubt
3. Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
Brutality before brutality meant grooovy toilet fushing boredom; still to this day has sheer intensity and power unsurpassed in the genre
4. Entombed - Left Hand Path
In 1990 I think this was my favorite album
5. Deicide - Deicide
6. Asphyx - The Rack
Plague and torture auralized; for a perfect example of the aura of'real' death metal
7. At The Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours
One of my favorite metal albums of all time; for acoustic merit in accomplishing the marriage of melody and brutality beautifully
8. Autopsy - Mental Funeral
Sick and perverted dark death metal, the Swedish scene of 89-92 owes everything to this band
9. Pungent Stench - Been Caught Buttering
gutteral death metal/60's psychadelic rock hybrid
10. Carcass - Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
Carcass' peak in terms of putting together memorable songs with catchy and effective riffage. Not as filthy as Symphonies of Sickness, but still much more vicious than the highly overrated Heartwork. There are no fewer than six essential classic tracks on this album.
11. Immolation - Dawn of Possession
one of the finest slabs of dark death metal ever to come out. The first four tracks alone ["Those Left Behind" in particular] are more than worth whatever you pay for it.
12. Dismember - Like An Everflowing Steam
Perhaps the most incredible thing about this album is that it was written before any of the members had graduated high school! "Override of the Overture" alone is worth the price of admission.
13. Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
One of the most challenging, yet rewarding albums ever. Some people don't like Kelly Schaefer's vocals... I challenge them to find a more fitting performance.
14. Death - Human
The tech-death blueprint
15. Grave - You'll Never See
Visceral nasty abstract death, another underated classic; some of the eerirest, most haunting riffs by far
16. Nuclear Death - Carrion for Worm
This more than anything defines Death Metal, extremely sick and grotesque; for raw, brutal, debauched, deprived, nihilistic, and filth soaked DEATH
17. Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells
If Celtic Frost and Autopsy formed a project band and lived in Sweden in 1991 they would sound like this, a godly album
18. Incantation - Onward to Golgotha
perhaps the album that initiated the "impenatratable wall of sound" in DM
19. Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence
20. Afflicted - Prodigal Sun
21. Morpheus Descends - Ritual of Infinity
When people say "death metal," this is more often than not what pops into mind. Rigid blasting roll of terrifying explosion and post-technological mysticism defines this release as a powerful statement for the genre. This band heavily influenced the New York style bands such as Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse
22. Disembowelment - Transendence into the Peripheral
for surreality, nihility and ambient brutality
23. Demilich - Nespithe
Twisted, disturbing and practically unheard-of until its internet-based revival circa 1999, this album took the notion of death metal melody and made balloon animals from it.
24. Cynic - Focus
25. Dissection - Storm of the Lights Bane
GOD! The harmonic nuance married to cold dissonance is breath-taking; for a black/death fusion with equal proportions of both done with true spirit

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Hugoj33 - 30.07.2012 at 03:44  
Nice list
saw_you_drown - 04.11.2012 at 21:57  
Very pleased to see Pestilence's masterwork in the top 3 and Carcass' best and heaviest album in the top 10. Good list. Disembowelment and Dissection aren't exactly death metal but both excellent albums worthy of praise.
Nosurper - 05.11.2012 at 00:39  
Nice list. The only additions that I would suggest are Cause of Death, Obscura (the album), and maybe one of Suffocations first two. None So Vile as a possible addition also.
Aristarchos - 14.11.2012 at 16:05  
Great list! Many of my favourite death metal albums are there, although I have a lot of underground favourites too, like especially Sororicide - "The Entity".

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