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My Top 50 Death Metal Albums

1. Death - Scream Bloody Gore
2. Cryptopsy - None So Vile
3. Obituary - Slowly We Rot
4. Terrorizer - World Downfall
5. Obituary - Cause Of Death

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Created by Orion75 on 20.08.2015

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My Top Death Metal Albums

1. Vital Remains - Icons of Evil
2. Lost Soul - Immerse In Infinity
3. Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
4. Dissenter - Apocalypse of the Damned
5. Vader - Revelations

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Created by Hellcult on 16.09.2012

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Kick Ass Shit I Can't Get Enuff Of!!!

Here are some totally Brootal albums I can't get enuff of! In alphabetical order...

1. Aeon - Rise To Dominate
2. Aeon - Bleeding The False
3. Aeon - Path Of Fire
4. Behemoth - The Apostasy
5. Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis

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Created by I_Die_Often on 28.07.2012

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Complete Brutality

This list is in no particular order and contains only extreme genres. Some of my personal favorites I felt I would share with the community so that they might enjoy the gore as much as myself.

1. Vomit The Soul - Apostles Of Inexpresion
2. Visceral Disgorge - Ingesting Putridity
3. Cephalotripsy - Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies
4. Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
5. Deivos - Gospel Of Maggots

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Created by Diamonds on 03.10.2011

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Playing To My Strengths: Facing Death And Its Technicalities

What to expect; incredibly challenging and technically-proficient death metal, or death metal noted for stifling and dense atmospheric prevalence, or both, that may or may not be traversable in one go. Listener's discretion is advised.

Many albums featured here may borrow elements from other genres (prog, thrash, melodeath, grindcore, post, etc.), but the dominant stench of complexity-laden death metal is forever present, and so deserve to be mentioned here.

1. 7th Nemesis - Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
2. !T.O.O.H.! - Order And Punishment (Řád A Trest)
3. Ævangelist - De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis
4. A Loathing Requiem - Psalms Of Misanthropy
5. A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Xen

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Created by MechanisT on 29.07.2011

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My 10 Most Played

1. Dreaming Dead - Within One
2. Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest
3. Nile - Ithyphallic
4. Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition
5. Lividity - To Desecrate And Defile

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Created by I_Die_Often on 21.03.2010

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Top 25 Albums Of 2007

Favorite releases from 2007

1. Defeated Sanity - Psalms Of The Moribund
2. Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb
3. The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand
4. Candlemass - King Of The Grey Islands
5. Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao

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Created by Dangerboner on 02.03.2010