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What I'd Vote For In Tripple J's Hottest 100 If I Could Vote In It.

But I can't cause I don't have a Facebook of Twitter account, which you didn't need in previous years. So here's my top 10 songs for 2015.
(see comments for links to 8 of the songs)

1. Avatarium - Iron Mule
2. Battle Beast - I Want The World… And Everything In It
3. Cain's Offering - I Will Build You A Rome
4. Ethereal Shroud - Look Upon The Light
5. A Forest Of Stars - Pawn On The Universal Chessboard (I'm counting all 6 parts as 1 song)

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Created by M C Vice on 06.01.2016

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Favoritest Favorites - My Top 100 Albums

My favorite albums. Includes EPs and 1 compilation. Anything ouside the top 20 or so could be up or down several places. Constantly subject to change.

1. Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine II
2. Ayreon - The Human Equation
3. Stolen Babies - There Be Squabbles Ahead
4. Within Temptation - Mother Earth
5. Billy Idol - Cyberpunk

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Created by M C Vice on 06.10.2012