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Favoritest Favorites - My Top 100 Albums

My favorite albums. Includes EPs. Anything ouside the top 20 or so could be up or down several places. Constantly subject to change.

1. Ayreon - The Human Equation
2. Stolen Babies - There Be Squabbles Ahead
3. Opeth - Still Life
4. Sinergy - To Hell And Back
5. Delain - Lucidity

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Created by M C Vice on 06.10.2012

Vice's 2011 Albums In Preferential Order Of Preference.

The albums released and bought in 2011 from best to worst in my opinion. I know I'll cop plenty of shit for albums 2 and 3, so if you don't like them, (pokes out tongue whilst making rasberry noise).
I couldn't split 5 and 6 and 11 through 20 could be moved up or down a couple of places. The hardest part was splitting the 2nd and 3rd last albums.
Again, I do not apologise for albums 2 and 3.

1. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony
2. Gallhammer - The End
3. Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
4. Darkest Era - The Last Caress Of Light
5. Chthonic - Takasago Army

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Created by M C Vice on 30.12.2011