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Favorite bands: The Meads Of Asphodel, Bal-Sagoth, Dissection, Cradle Of Filth, Skyclad, Sigh, Iced Earth, Revolting, Morbid Angel, Opeth, Offending, Deathstars, The Kovenant, A Forest Of Stars, Dark Fortress, Secrets Of The Moon, Moonspell, Behemoth, Nile, The Faceless, Worms Of Sabnock, Many More...
Favorite album: Countless
Favorite song: My playlist grows weekly
Favorite movies: B-Films, Indie Films, Horror, Gore, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Favorite books: My Own (Will's Downfall 1,2,3 and The Tribulation Of Marcus), The Dark Tower, Miracle Man, The Sandman, American Gods, Ready Player One, Good Omens, Small Gods, Mr. B. Gone, Lucifer, The Unwritten, Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose, Watchmen, Marvel, DC,
Personal text: I review more albums in a month, than most people do in a year. That's not being arrogant, I just bombard myself with releases and check them out like I've been doing since 2005. I write for New Noise Magazine and my site, The Grim Tower. I have interviewed some of metal's biggest acts: Behemoth, Edguy, Ayreon, The Project Hate, Rotting Christ, Warfather and many more!