The Best Gothic Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2015

1.  Moonspell - Extinct 417
2.  Enshine - Singularity 137
3.  Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path 81
4.  Lacrimosa - Hoffnung 35
5.  Draconian - Sovran (write-in vote) 33
6.  Angellore - La Litanie Des Cendres 29
7.  Weeping Silence - Opus IV Oblivion 27
8.  Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches - Salem's Wounds 18
9.  Graveshadow - Nocturnal Resurrection 16
10.  On Thorns I Lay - Eternal Silence 11
11.  Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches (write-in vote) 10
12.  Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss (write-in vote) 5
13.  Mayze - The Land Of Lucid Feathers 4
Total votes:

Despite following the classic beauty-and-the-beast pairing, Angellore's interpretation of gothic doom metal is strangely uplifting and a genuinely bewitching listen. In fact, everything about this album sounds rather bland on paper, and only a proper audition of it can do justice to the angelic quality of the grandiose soundscapes on display. The ebbs and flows of the album will surely ensnare your aching soul to a world of dark melancholy.

He has done it again - what seemed an impossible feat to accomplish, creating an album as good as, if not better than their debut. Jari Lindholm now ranks as one of today's finest artists/musicians on the planet. His ability to synthesize melody, death, doom and post rock into spacey, euphoric atmosphere is so refreshing to hear. An accomplishment in merging of genres, Singularity is also the best produced album your ears will have the pleasure of listening to from 2015.


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Graveshadow return just a year after their successful self-titled EP and expand upon their power-driven take on symphonic gothic metal in their debut. Featuring Valerie's eerie synth melodies, a mix of Heather's haunting clean voice and rage-fueled yells, and plenty of Matthew's fervent guitar leads, Graveshadow have already claimed their own style within the genre. From the addictive "Blood And Fire," to the moonlight-invoking intensity of "Lycan Lust," and now highlighted by the new track, "Namesake," Nocturnal Resurrection shows a band with their torches raised high, blazing fire into the night, prepared to claim their crown of victory as they ride into the darkness.

Salem's Wounds is probably one of the more left-field releases in 2015. The spiritual theme aside, the music is challenging with melodies which are harder to digest. As expected, Karyn Crisis's varied vocal registry is as arresting as ever as it perfectly conveys an underlying sense of tension and despair that is seldom heard.

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This German duo has been a steady force in the gothic metal genre for a very long time. Beautiful, dark and dynamic as ever, Hoffnung is a very characteristic Lacrimosa album that won't disappoint even when you know what to expect from it. From heavy guitars to flamboyant orchestrations to excellent vocal performance, it's all present and at its best.

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Seemlessly fusing gothic atmospheres with a progressive foundation, Mayze have done nothing short of creating their own identifiable sound with their debut. A concept album that takes through the dark reaches of the mind and soul to the illusive ethereal lands, Mayze features the composing and guitarwork of Marcel Schiborr, who matches bright, accessible riffs within a complex arc of introverted arrangements. Combined with the alluringly dark keys of Arne Timm and Maike Flüshöh's lush vocals that beckon us to overcome our self-doubt, The Land Of Lucid Feathers stands out as one of the most interesting gothic and progressive hybrids of the year.

Portugal's pride and joy, Moonspell, have nothing to prove at this point in their career. They continue to outdo themselves, however. The stellar songs emerge once again - and Extinct has a vast array of them. Fernando Ribeiro's poignant clean vocals are welcome and so are Ricardo Amorim's soaring leads. As always with Moonspell, the atmosphere is key and it shines brightly on Extinct.


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More than a decade after their last release, On Thorns I Lay have returned with not only a stellar album, but one that revives their earlier style of mixing melancholic female vocals with brutal male vocals as well. Featuring Maxi Nil alongside of Stefanos, and that guitar tone that is uniquely On Thorns I Lay - one that is intense, obscure, yet softly melodic at all times - Eternal Silence is an album for those who not only live and breathe the nostalgic gothic sounds of an era of metal that has all but disappeared, but for those who crave a new path to walk amongst the buildings of beautiful decay.

The Seventh Life Path marks the fourth album for Sirenia with Ailyn as the frontwoman, and the distinct fragile quality of her voice once again takes centre stage as she has taken it to another level in terms of range and power, which complements the heavier direction the band has taken. The more complex songs and enhanced texture conjures images of apocalyptic Victorian worlds by the raging sea as Sirenia once again shows the younger bands how to do symphonic gothic metal right.


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From the guitar riffs drowning in gloom to the mixture of somber beauty and ominous power of the male and female vocals, Weeping Silence deliver an album full of poetic pain and mourning for happiness, the individual, and the Earth itself. From the addictive "Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow," with guitar melodies that bleed an eternal sorrow with the strength of the dead, to the heavy-handed tears that tremble from within "Eyes Of The Monolith," Weeping Silence pay homage to the withering effects of time, and offer the listener an "icy throne in winter's embrace" to sit in as they stand beside you, as we all watch the sun set one last time.