Ajattara - Tyhjyys

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Release date: 29 November 2004
Style: Black metal


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01. Intro
02. Sortajan Kaipuu
03. Katumuksen Kyinen Koura
04. Naaras
05. Armon Arvet
06. Pahan Tuoma
07. Harhojen Renki
08. Langennut
09. Uhrit
10. Tyhjyydestä
11. Outro

Staff review by
Ajattara third album is here, and this time has even a weirder cover art, maybe the word I'm trying to use here is not weird, but ugly, I mean, a chicken leg? What's the point of putting a little mutilated chicken paw in the cover? These guys have serious Freudian issues, anyway, Tyhjyys (Emptiness) is the third long awaited release by these Finns, and I say long awaited because these guys, in the little time they've been around, earned a big fanbase.

published 23.12.2004 | Comments (0)

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