Bellgrave - Promo 2003 [Demo]

Release date: 2003
Style: Heavy metal

01. The Things Called "Never Changed"
02. A Place For Salle
03. My Personal Hate-Song
04. Back In Town
05. Repayment
06. Rattlesnake's Rattle
07. With No Compromise

Staff review by
I don't know why people don't put a little effort in the things they do, if I were a member of a German band called Bellgrave, and I'm releasing a promo for the press and labels see and listen, first, I would choose other presentation, I mean, look at the cover, has to be one of the least attractive covers of 2003, to be honest, I don't feel like listening something so bad presented like this, even if it's a promo.

published 15.04.2004 | Comments (0)

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