VON - Satanic Blood Angel [Compilation]

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Release date: 8 February 2003
Style: Black metal


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Disc I
01. Devil Pig
02. Veinen
03. Watain
04. Lamb
05. Veadtuck
06. Satanic Blood
07. Christ Fire
08. VON
09. Evisc
10. Release
11. Blood Angel
12. Chalice Of Blood
13. Vennt
14. Backskin

Disc II
01. Veinen [live]
02. Watain [live]
03. Lamb [live]
04. Evisc [live]
05. Release [live]
06. Satanic Blood [live]
07. Veadtuck [live]
08. Chalice Of Blood [live]
09. Goat Christ [live]
10. Vennt [live]
11. Dissection Inhuman
12. VON

Additional info
Unauthorized collection of demo material.

Guest review by
Zombie, M.D.
I guess first I should start with a little history about Von. Von, formed in 1987, were quite possibly the very first black metal band in the Unitied States. While the band was most likely just a side-project which was not meant to be taken seriously, they have certainly left their mark on Black Metal, laying down the foundation for bands like Beherit, Ildjarn, Dark Funeral, Domini Inferi, Haat and countless others. Von are very much shrouded in mystery, the only member who is known outside of his stage name is Joe Allen (known as Kill, the bands bassist) and that is because he is a member of the death metal band Abscess.

published 24.09.2004 | Comments (28)

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