God Dethroned - Ravenous

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Release date: 2001
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Swallow The Spikes
02. The Poison Apple (Eve And Serpentio In The Garden Of Eden)
03. Villa Vampiria
04. Consumed By Darkness [Macabre End cover]
05. The Mysteries That Make You Bleed
06. The Iconoclast Deathride
07. The Crown For The Morbid
08. Ravenous
09. Autumn Equinox/Winter Campaign 2002 (Part I)
10. Autumn Equinox/Winter Campaign 2002 (Part II)
11. Evil Dead [Death cover]

Henri Sattler - vocals, guitars
Beef - bass, vocals
Jens van der Valk - guitars

Session musicians
Tony Laureano - drums
Danny "Goatlord" A. Servaes - keyboards

Additional info
Recorded in the summer and fall of the year 2000.
Engineered by Berthus Westerhuys. Assisted by Peter de Koster.
Produced by God Dethroned.
Mixed by Berthus Westerhuys, Jens and The Serpent King.

All songs by God Dethroned, except "Consumed by Darkness" by Macabre God and "Evil Dead" by Death.
All lyrics by The Serpent King, except "The Crown for the Morbid" and "The Mysteries That Make You Blees" by Jens van der Valk, "The Iconoclast Deathride" by Beef.

Artwork by Jeanne Potter.

Guest review by
If you?ve ever wondered what Slayer's Reign in Blood would have sounded like if it was death metal you have two choices. You could listen to one of the infinitely numerous ?Angel of Death? or ?Raining Blood? covers, or you listen to this album. Yes, this is death metal, but the song structures and rhythms are very often very akin to those of thrash metal, especially Slayer. This similarity is only magnified ten fold by God Dethroned's use of melodic leads that a times sound like they could have come right off a Slayer album, both in structure and tone. This at once makes them innovators and copycats. Copycats because they take a lot from another, more famous band, and innovators as this creates a sound not often heard in death metal, and I must say, I like it A LOT.

published 18.09.2003 | Comments (0)

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