Shylmagoghnar - Transience

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Release date: 29 June 2018
Style: Atmospheric black metal, Progressive black metal, Melodic death metal


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01. Transience
02. The Dawn Of Motion
03. As All Must Come To Pass
04. This Shadow Of The Heart
05. The Chosen Path
06. No Child Of Man Could Follow
07. Journey Through The Fog
08. Life

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19.10.2018 - 12:23
Rating: 7
Written by AndreMarcos on 18.10.2018 at 15:14

But Amorphis is one of the most (if not the most) overrated bands in MS, specially their later stuff

I agree about Amorphis. There definitely are overrated melodeath bands.
But then again, I think Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden and bands from many other genres are overrated too. I might get hated for saying this, but that's what I think.
06.11.2018 - 04:48
Rating: 9
Some very nice atmospheric black metal. great album.
06.11.2018 - 05:05
Rating: 9
Written by rps on 06.11.2018 at 04:48

Some very nice atmospheric black metal. great album.

These bands work hard all their lives to forge their craft. You and I sit casually and give our opinions. Who gives a fuck? jmika also gave South of Heaven a 2. Go figure.
21.11.2018 - 12:46
Rating: 4
Disappointed, not even close to the first one...
04.12.2018 - 03:49
Rating: 7
Has its highlight but not very impressive. No more than 8 imo (for some of the good part).
As for the Insomnium thing, there are some pieces of riff sounds familiar but Shylmagoghnar still influenced a lot by black metal so it's different.
Shit talking and shit taste, whatever.
16.12.2018 - 19:59
Rating: 7
i c deaf people
So right now, this is on place 5 of the "Top of 2018"...
Are you serious?

I am not saying this is a bad album, I really enjoyed the general direction of the record and the first couple of tracks.
But on the other hand: the keyboards sound poor and cheap and most of the songs are far (!) to long. Closing the album with an instrumental lasting for painful 13 1/2 minutes was the worst idea the band could come up with. Besides, there is a high grade of repetition in these songs, playing the same melody over and over again. The last three tracks sum up to 35:40 minutes and musically, there is not enough going on to fill this everlastingness with something that deserves a rating above 8/10 if you ask me.
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30.12.2018 - 12:25
"The Quaker"
Written by Reaper_Redeemer on 21.11.2018 at 12:46

Disappointed, not even close to the first one...

I tried to get back into the previous record after this but it just feels damn boring now.
08.02.2019 - 02:46
Rating: 7
Revisiting this, realising it would be a great album if each song was half the length. Good ideas all over, killer riffs, repetitive and pretty boring to sit through the entire thing, unfortunately.
23.08.2019 - 10:22
Troy Killjoy
While I'm always one to appreciate ambition, sometimes you have to be the one to point out that someone is biting off more than they can chew.

Such is the case here with this... really well-named band, which apparently is some cryptic "let it inspire you because we don't know what the fuck it means" nonsense, but I won't judge them for it.

This album could have been great. I mean really, really great. The kind of album that gets thrown around casually while discussing best metal albums of all time by relative newcomers to the scene without having much knowledge outside mainstream sources and viral content. Maybe it even got memed a couple times in some random metal subreddit. And you know this album is making it onto a slew of best of lists for the year, because it's melodic and grandiose and oh my god what more could you want.

But have you ever really sat through -- conclusively, successively -- over an hour of melodic death metal that repeats its melodies across tracks, torpedoes buildups with typical all-stop moments, and features a rather nasally growled vocal approach that comes across as more whiny than anything. I ended that with a period because it's a rhetorical question. Because of course you have.

This isn't unique. And while it doesn't deserve to be judged as a result of its derivative, if not blatantly copycat nature, it does need to be smacked upside the head for its sheer abuse of potential.

There's so much fat on this album you could literally mold another cow-shaped album of mediocrity from its leftovers. Repetition may work in genres such as funeral doom and drone, but if I'm on the lookout for some enticing, catchy, melodic tunes with a dash of extremity, then it needs to be originally crafted from one song to the next. Dark Tranquillity, Be'lakor, and Insomnium -- as examples within the scene -- all manage to confine themselves into their respective sounds but manage to have a certain distinctiveness not only from album to album, but track to track.

That could be the case here. This could have been so much more than it is. But an apparent lack of oversight or un-checked self-indulgence led to a completely wasted opportunity at showcasing to the world one of the best albums in its class. It will undoubtedly be praised for its more face-value strengths, and possibly even creep onto album of the year type lists and award nominees, but I think this album will be better remembered for what it squandered rather than what it gained.
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