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The Elysian Fields

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Also known as Desulphurize (1993-1994), Elysian Fields (1994-1998)

Country: Greece
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions

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Formed in: 1993
Split: 2010-2014

1993- Black metal
1993- Melodic death metal


1993-1994  Michael K. - vocals
› 1994-  -//- guitars, vocals
1993-2010  Bill A. - guitars, vocals
› 2014-  -//- bass, vocals
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1993-1994  George - bass, guitars
› 1994-1995  -//- bass
1995-2010  Marinos Anasis - bass, guitars, vocals
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Greece has always been very undervalued in terms of Metal bands. A country that brought us bands such as Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Nightfall and a lot more has to be credited for bringing originality to the Metal scene on a regular basis. From 1995...   Review by Demonic Tutor ››

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