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Also known as Emetica (92-95)

Country: Slovenia
Label: Listenable Records

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Formed in: 1992

1992-2004 Black metal
1992-2004 Death metal
2005- Industrial metal


1992-  Igor Nardin - guitar
1992-  Uros Lipovec - bass
2001-  Gianni Poposki - vocals
2005-  Matjaz Gergeta - drums
2005-  Roman Files - guitars
2013-  Damjan Tomoski - keyboards, programming
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1992-2003  Robert Steblovnik - drums
1996-2001  David Kiselič - vocals, guitar
2003-2005  Luka Čadež - drums
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2000-2002  Artur Felicijan - vocals, guitar

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Finally, there it is. Beneath the nuclear glare of a burning sky, amongst the remnants and ruins of buildings and streets that no longer have names... there it is: the army base. Still intact. Still alive? Yes, those random flashes of light are indicative...   Review by jupitreas ››

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