1987-  Vorph - guitars, vocals
1987-  Xytras - drums, keyboards, samples
2015-2018  Drop - bass
› 2018-  -//- guitars
2020-  Ales Campanelli - bass
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1987-1988  Pat Charvet - drums
1987-2015  Masmiseim - bass
1994-1995  Rodolphe H. - keyboards, samples
1996-1999  Kaos - guitars
1999-2018  Makro - guitars
2018-2020  Zorrac - bass
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2007  Vibeke Stene - vocals


1988 Medieval Prophecy [EP] 6.3
1995 Rebellion [EP] 8.2
1998 Exodus [EP] 8.2
2004 Telepath [EP] 7.7
2005 On Earth [EP] 8.4
2010 Antigod [EP] 7.3

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I don't mind waiting forever for a new album by a band I like. I'd rather wait 10 years than get an album that disappoints. More frequent output may mean decline in quality. Samael certainly did take their time after Lux Mundi. 6 years is the...   Review by Daniell ››
It takes an enormous amount of talent to be able to churn out album after album containing a similar number of songs of similar length, arrangements and structure and to keep the listener interested, especially since the last album of this somewhat unified...   Review by Daniell ››
Vorph and Xy are not to be trusted. Samael's latest album Above is one with a history of disinformation, misdirection and outright lies. It all started off as a bloated concept of Gorillaz proportions with a virtual band called "Above"...   Review by jupitreas ››

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