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Country: France

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Formed in: 1997
Disbanded in: 2007

1997-2003 Atmospheric doom metal
2004-2007 Symphonic doom metal
2005-2007 Atmospheric progressive metal


1997-2007  Sylvain Bégot - guitars
1997-2007  Alexandre Kohler - guitars
1997-2007  Marc Canlers - bass
1997-2007  Sébastien Latour - keyboards
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1997-2003  Nathalie Bonnaud - vocals
1997-2005  Nicolas Joyeux - drums
1997-2006  Loïc Malassagne - vocals
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"Kadavreski" is the last album of a really good band that comes from France, Anthemon. If they were first, a band that used to play some Gothic/Doom Metal with a female singer, they did a radical turnover with their last album "Dystopia"...   Review by Jeff ››

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