In Silentio Noctis

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Country: Finland
Label: My Kingdom Music

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Formed in: 2006

2006- Symphonic black metal


2006-  Armi Päivinen - vocals
2012-  Tuomas Leskinen - guitars
2012-  Samuli Reinikainen - guitars
2012-  Aleksi Ahokas - bass
2012-  Veikko Ringvall - drums
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2006-2011  Elias Vihma - guitars
2006-2011  Toni Taskinen - guitars
2006-2011  Kim Suikkanen - bass
2010-2011  Peccath - keyboards
2010-2011  Oskari "Osse" Viljanen - drums
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2007-2009  Rainer Tuomikanto - drums
2009  Rainer Tuomikanto - drums

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Now that's what I call a black metal album art! It has everything a disciple of Satan could want and more. In the top right we find a hard-to-read logo and the picture itself shows a blackened sky and not only an old church but also some ruins in...   Review by Bas ››


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