Wykked Wytch

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1994-  Ipek Warnock - vocals
2001-  Salvatore LoPresti - keyboards
2010-  Nate Poulson - guitars
2012-  Matt Florio - bass
2012-  Weston Stone - drums
2012-  Pat O'Mally - guitars
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1998-1999  Stephen J. Corridean Jr. - guitars
2001  John Rae - drums
2002  Ben Kuzay - bass
2003-2005  Steve Brubaker - drums
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2003-2009  Gio Geraca - guitars
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2012  Kevin Talley - drums
2002-2003  Richard Christy - drums
2005  Koos van der Velde - drums
2005-2006  John Rae - drums
2011  Jason Blachowicz - bass

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Wykked Wytch, another amalgamation sort of band. The good news? It's not a shitty gimmick sort of amalgamation. You know, like those horribly generic bands that add synths to their otherwise boring music in order to give it some identity? Luckily, not one of those. The bad news? Despite being talented, being a multifaceted band, The Ultimate Deception has few songs that have a strong, memorable quality to them.   Review by Doc G. ››


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