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2004-  Ben White - all instruments
NA-  Kev Watts - bass
2014-  Clif Davis - drums
2014-2015  Ewan Gibb - guitars
NA-  Michael Brush - drums
2015  Derek Roddy - drums

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Ben White AKA Bijimitsu, formerly of Mithras, is a very, very busy composer. His band Orbeth released 4 albums in 2012, which followed the 2 full lengths from 2011. The 13th Orb is his first of who knows how many for 2013.   Review by Susan ››
Orbeth is the baby of Ben "Bijimitsu" White, formerly of Mithras. He plays all instruments and writes the music for this spacey, atmospheric progressive metal band. With a tag like that, are you as excited as I am?   Review by Susan ››

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