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2006-  Jonathan "Kid" Khor - guitars
2006-  Alex Wilson - bass
2009-  Otto Wicks-Green - guitars
2011-  Tim Adderley - drums
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2006-2009  Tom Binetter - guitars
2006-2011  William Smith - drums
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Imaginative and inventive post-rock is really hard to come by these days, so when a band with a bright future delivers on their promise I want to get the word out. I want to let others know that even though the genre as a whole seems to be fizzling out, there are bands today that are trying really hard to keep hope alive for post fans.   Review by tea[m]ster ››

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09.04.2021 AUS, Newcastle
10.04.2021 AUS, Canberra
16.04.2021 AUS, Adelaide
17.04.2021 AUS, Perth
22.04.2021 AUS, Brisbane
23.04.2021 AUS, Melbourne
24.04.2021 AUS, Sydney

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