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Country: USA
Label: The Artisan Era

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2015

2015- Technical death metal


NA-  Stevie Boiser - vocals
NA-  Philippe Tougas - guitar
NA-  Nick Padovani - guitar
NA-  Zach Hohn - guitar
NA-  Hugo Doyon-Karout - bass
NA-  Jimmy Pitts - keyboards
NA-  Guyot Benoit - drums


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20.09.2019 USA, Chicago, IL
21.09.2019 USA, Minneapolis, MN (1)
22.09.2019 CAN, Winnipeg, MB
24.09.2019 CAN, Edmonton, AB
25.09.2019 CAN, Calgary, AB
27.09.2019 USA, Denver, CO
30.09.2019 USA, Seattle, WA
01.10.2019 USA, Portland, OR
02.10.2019 USA, Oakland, CA (1)
03.10.2019 USA, Los Angeles, CA
04.10.2019 USA, San Diego, CA
05.10.2019 USA, Mesa, AZ
06.10.2019 USA, El Paso, TX
07.10.2019 USA, Austin, TX
08.10.2019 USA, Dallas, TX
09.10.2019 USA, New Orleans, LA
11.10.2019 USA, Orlando, FL
12.10.2019 USA, Greenville, SC
13.10.2019 USA, Richmond, VA
15.10.2019 USA, Brooklyn, NY
16.10.2019 USA, Baltimore, MD
17.10.2019 CAN, Montreal, QC
18.10.2019 CAN, Quebec City, QC
20.10.2019 CAN, Toronto, ON
22.10.2019 USA, Lexington, KY