Apostolos Papathanasio


NA- Time Requiem - vocals  
1999- Majestic - vocals  
2003-2004 Gardenian - vocals  
2005-2013 Firewind - vocals (as Apollo Papathanasio)  
2006-2013 Evil Masquerade - vocals  
2010- Spiritual Beggars - vocals (as Apollo Papathanasio)  
2016- Apollo - vocals  
2017- Rewolver - vocals  

Guest musician

2004-2005 Sandalinas - vocals  
2005 Vitalij Kuprij - vocals  
2005 Arch Enemy - backing vocals  
2008 Markus Grosskopf's Bassinvaders - vocals  
2010 Sebastien - vocals  
2010 Silver Water - vocals  
2012 Kamelot - vocals  
2016 Highlord - vocals (as Apollo Papathanasio)  

Personal information

Also known as: Apollo Papathanasio
Born on: 15.03.1969

Apostolos "Apollo" Papathanasio (Greek: Aðüëëo ÐáðáèáíÜóéï or Áðüëëùíáò Ðáðáèáíáóßïõ) (born 15 March 1969 in Borås, Sweden) is a Swedish heavy metal vocalist, who is currently with the bands Firewind, Spiritual Beggars and Evil Masquerade. He has also sung for Meduza, Gardenian, and Richard Andersson's projects Majestic and Time Requiem.
In 2007, Papathanasio had to opt out of certain tour dates with Firewind. His position was temporarily filled by Henning Basse of Metalium. Apollo's latest release is "Fade To Black" (2009) with Evil Masquerade.

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