2000-2010 Biomorph - bass  

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Born on: 31.08.1984
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Ilmar is a bass player from Latvia, who Began his musical way in early childhood mastering the play of the flute quite a long time ago in 1992. Graduating the music school in the class of the flute emerged the interest to master some of the string instruments.
In 1998 in random coincidence it turned out to be the bass guitar what changed the further stage of music development. Continued the studies in the same music school now only in the class of bass guitar. At beginning attention was turned to blues but later to the classics - it facilitated the development of technique! Later began the stage of garage rock. Seeking for the individual style and individual expression of himself. Emerged the first traits of the play's individuality.
In 2000 with a friend of childhood and acquaintances made the band Infected what at present is one of the technical metal forces in Latvia.
In 2003 was recorded the first album NoWayOut of the band. Participating with the Infected in various competitions and festivals has been nominated for the title and as well awarded as the best bass guitarist obtaining the award as well for the song's arrangement.
Participated as guest musician in friends' band project in the experimentally nontraditional folk group Oroboro famous in Latvia. Studied at various famous bass guitar teachers of Latvia as well has been in the master classes of foreign artists. Plays as well the guitar, drums and piano. After leaving Infected since 2010 acts as solo artist.