Vincent Cavanagh


1990- Anathema - guitars, vocals, keyboards  

Guest musician

2013 Long Distance Calling - vocals  


07.02.2006 Anathema

Personal information

Born on: 29.08.1973

Vincent Cavanagh is an English singer and guitarist best known as the founder of British art rock band Anathema. Vincent took over as Anathema's vocalist following the departure of Darren "Daz" White from the group after the Pentecost III EP.

He (co-)wrote several Anathema classics like: Memento Mori, Restless Oblivion, Shroud Of Frost, The Beloved, Re-Connect, Deep, Pitiless, Judgement, Emotional Winter, Leave No Trace, Underworld and Balance.

He is the younger brother of Anathema's other guitarist Danny Cavanagh, who formed the band with him in the early 1990s. He is also the twin of Jamie Cavanagh, the band's bassist.