NA- E.F. Band - guitars  
1985- King Diamond - guitars, keyboards  
1997-2000 IllWill - guitars  
2006- X-World/5 - guitar  
Studio musician:
1993 Death - guitars  
Guest musician:
1995 At The Gates - guitar solo  
1998-2002 Evergrey - guitars  
2000 Dimmu Borgir - guitar solo  
2002 Melechesh - guitar solo  
2002-2003 Falconer - guitars  
2005 Yyrkoon - guitars  
2007 Sandalinas - guitar  
2008 Darzamat - guitar solo  
2008 After All - guitar  
2009 Imagika - guitar  
2010 Witchery - guitar solo  
2012 Shining - guitars  
2012 Enraged - guitar solo  
2014 Below - guitar solos  

Personal information

Born on: 29.11.1962
Official website

Andy LaRocque (real name Anders Allhage, born 29 November 1962, Gothenburg, Sweden) is best known as the guitar player of the band King Diamond.


For King Diamond, he is also a songwriter and plays occasional keyboards. LaRocque started in the Swedish hard rock band Swedish Beauty that later switched names to Swedish Erotica. He also played on the Death album Individual Thought Patterns and the IllWill album Evilution, along with other former members of Mercyful Fate.

LaRocque contributed a guitar solo to the track "Cold", featured on the album Slaughter of the Soul by Swedish melodic death metal group At the Gates. Producer Fredrik Nordström was responsible for the idea, and telephoned LaRocque. At the Gates' guitarist Anders Björler gave LaRocque an audio cassette recording of the song. The tape played at the wrong speed at LaRocque's house, so LaRocque had to transcribe the recording. Two days after receiving the cassette, LaRocque laid down a guitar solo for the song within half an hour. Björler described the solo as "great" and in a November 2007 interview admitted he still couldn't play the solo "properly".

He can be heard on other albums as well, such as Falconer's Chapters from a Vale Forlorn, where he performed lead guitars on the song "Busted to the Floor".

He owns a studio called the "Los Angered Recordings" in Angered, Sweden, since 1995, where he records many albums of other bands. In 2007, Andy moved the studio to Varberg and renamed the studio to "Sonic Train Studios" where he keeps producing bands to this date.

He is well known for his signature guitar style incorporating neoclassical elements into his playing. He has a very distinct guitar tone for his solos, and often incorporates layers of harmonies over his scale runs and phrasing.

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