1988- Darkthrone - bass, guitars, vocals  
1996-1997 Satyricon - guitars  
2008- Sarke - vocals  
2013- Gift Of Gods - all instruments, vocals  
Live musician:
2014 Satyricon - guitars  
Guest musician:
2010 Triptykon - vocals  
2011 Taake - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 04.03.1972
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Nocturno Culto (born Ted Skjellum in 1972) is a Norwegian musician, best known as the vocalist, lead guitarist and partial bassist (shared with Fenriz) of the influential black metal band, Darkthrone. He has been with the band since 1986. He currently works in Norway as a school teacher, and has two daughters. He has also released a documentary film called The Misanthrope in which he deals with black metal music and life in Norway.