1984 Rising Power - drums  
1985-2010 Dream Theater - drums, backing vocals (as Mike Portnoy)  
1986 Inner Sanctum [USA] - drums  
1994 Working Man - drums  
1998-1999 Liquid Tension Experiment - drums  
1999-2003 Transatlantic - drums, backing vocals  
2003- Neal Morse - drums  
2003 Yellow Matter Custard - drums, vocals  
2003 OSI - drums  
2006 Cygnus And The Sea Monsters - drums  
2006 Morse Portnoy George - drums  
2006 Hammer Of The Gods - drums  
2007 Amazing Journey - drums  
2007 Liquid Trio Experiment - drums  
2008 Liquid Tension Experiment - drums  
2008 Liquid Trio Experiment 2 - drums  
2009- Transatlantic - drums, backing vocals  
2010 HAIL! - drums  
2011- The Winery Dogs - drums  
2011- Flying Colors - drums  
2011- Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian - drums  
2011 Yellow Matter Custard - drums, vocals  
2011 HAIL! - drums  
2011-2013 Adrenaline Mob - drums  
2012 Morse Portnoy George - drums  
2014- The Neal Morse Band - drums  
Studio musician:
NA- Ty Tabor - drums  
2001 Andy West With Rama - drums  
2006 OSI - drums  
2010 Avenged Sevenfold - drums  
2014 Bigelf - drums  
Live musician:
2000-2007 John Petrucci - drums  
2004 Overkill - drums  
2005 Fates Warning - drums  
2010 Fozzy - drums  
2010 Avenged Sevenfold - drums  
2011 Stone Sour - drums (as Mike Portnoy)  
2012 Fates Warning - drums  
2014 Bigelf - drums  
Guest musician:
2003 John Arch - drums  
2010 New World Man - drums  
2014 Haken - gong  
2014 Paul Gilbert - drums  


09.12.2007 Dream Theater

Personal information

Born on: 20.04.1967
Official website

Mike Portnoy was born and raised in Long Beach, New York, on Long Island. According to a post made by Jordan Rudess on his forum, Mike is Jewish but does not practice Judaism as a religion. His father worked as a DJ at a local radio station, helping Portnoy gain an appreciation for music at an early age through bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Yes and The Beatles. Although Portnoy taught himself how to play the drums, he did take music theory classes in high school. During that period he began playing in local bands Intruder, Rising Power and Inner Sanctum, the last two of which released an album. He left Inner Sanctum after being awarded a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. There he met John Petrucci and John Myung with whom he formed the band (originally called Majesty) that would become Dream Theater.

Portnoy names his biggest influences as Rush drummer Neil Peart, composer/guitarist Frank Zappa, and the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps.
Portnoy has won 23 awards from Modern Drummer magazine, including "Best Up & Coming Talent" (one time), "Best Clinician" (two times), "Best Educational Video/DVD" (two times), "Best recorded performance" (6 times) and "Best Progressive Rock Drummer" (for 12 consecutive years), and is also the second youngest person (at 37 years of age) to be inducted into the Rock Drummer Hall of Fame since Neil Peart was inducted in 1983 (at 31 years of age).