Let Me Dream - Biography



Jani Koskela (Guitar/Vocals) and Janne Peltoranta (Drums) forms The band in early 1989. Also Teemu Peltoranta is involved in the very inactive line-up, sometimes as a vocalist, sometimes behind the drums.

During the early years the band make experiences with different metal styles, but in the end they feel most comfortable when playing dark, heavy and atmospheric material. The bands unique sound is born.

In early 1992 the band starts to call themselves as Congestion. The band rehearses now more often and Teemu Peltoranta takes keyboards as his stable instrument. Marko Pitkänen joins in to play the second guitar, but doesn't have time to rehearse and therefore leaves the band after couple of months. In June the band records their first demo with a simple four-track recording system. Couple of months after the demo recording Marko Pitkänen re-joins the band and the band starts to plan their second demo. The 2nd demo "Third Dimension" is recorded in late 1992 with the same four-tracker as the first demo. Marko Pitkänen is mentioned in the band line-up, but in the end he doesn't play on the demo and leaves the band again.

Marko Tuominen joins the band to play bass guitar and perform second vocals. Third demo "Bed of the Ancient River" is recorded and it shows how the band sounds when it's being recorded in the real studio. The demo introduces Marko's gothic like vocals, which are still new and different to the metal scene of that day. The band starts to play live.

Keyboard player Teemu Peltoranta leaves the band and Jari Koskela joins in. The band records the fourth demo and gets a record deal from French Adipocere Records. The debut album recordings take place at Soundwall Studio (Seinäjoki, Finland) in March. During the record sessions the band changes their name to LET ME DREAM and plays the last live show as Congestion in a club located at Seinäjoki.

Debut album "My Dear Succubus" is released by Adipocere Records and distributed globally. The album receives good critics from magazine's like TERRORIZER (UK) and the band's original style is noticed widely in the international underground scene. Jarno Keskinen joins the band to play second lead guitar. However after couple of months it becomes clear that co-operation with Jarno and Let Me Dream won't work out and the band returns to the quartet line-up. In the late 1995 band records an demo titled as "The Maze", with the demo the band shops for a new record deal as the deal with Adipocere was only for one album.

The band does their first tour in north and central Finland as a support band for Two Witches. In late 1996 the band records a demo which is titled as "Medley Rain".

The band forms their own record company Succubus Records as they want to make their next release in CD form.

Succubus Records releases "Medley Rain" as Mini - CD and distributes and promotes it as much as they can. The promotional video for "Medley Rain" is shown in national TV of Finland along with an interview of the band. Juhana Stolt joins the band as the second lead guitar player.

A tour of Finland with Midnight Configuration (UK) and Two Witches. The band has reached sort of a dead-end and decides to look for a lead vocalist. Tuukka Koskinen (Vocals) joins in and the band plays their first foreign show at Hell Gates Festival, Tallinn - Estonia. With new members, Tuukka and Juhana, the band is able to reach a new and more professional level on stage and studio. The band signs a record deal with Nocturnal Music (Italy) as they're unhappy about their own (= Succubus Records') capacities to promote "Medley Rain" outside of Finland. "The Maze" CD-single is released and gives a first hint of the band's updated sound. Jani Loikas records the new material at the rehearsal place of the band (aka. LMD Studios).

2nd album "Greyscales" is released by Nocturnal Music and distributed globally. The band tours in Finland, first with Fintroll and Ensiferum and later with Ancient Rites (Bel). Promotional video "The Maze" gets airplay in national and cable-Tv stations of Finland. After the Ancient Rites support tour Janne Peltoranta (Drums) decides to leave the band as he's not happy about his chances to rehearse with the band.

Marko Jokinen (drums) joins in and the band plays the most successful shows of their career in Russia and Estonia. The band starts to record their 3rd album and enters Soundwall Studio (Seinäjoki) in late 2001.

Between the studio sessions the band plays headliner shows in Belgium and Germany and releases two new tracks on their homepage www.letmedream.com. The band keeps on producing the third album until late 2002 and in the end decides to move from Soundwall Studio to Cursed Studios (Hyvinkää, Finland) of Jani Loikas to record the last tracks and do the final mix.

In April the band returns to Germany, Belgium & Holland to do more shows. Jan Yrlund does the lay out & art work for the new album and propose that the album would be called "Soulshine", after a song by the same title. In November the band return to St. Petersburg (Russia) to perform a show in fully packed Club Orlandina. The band is allready planing a new European tour for early 2004 but without knowledge if the album will be released by then. Before the end of the year the band decides to release an limited edition of "Soulshine" on their self-created label Succubus Records.

The limited eurotour edition of "Soulshine" is released and it includes an video clip ("Dust of Time") that was filmed in Russia, Belgium & Holland. 10th of January the band starts their 3rd Mid-European tour by playing at Berlin's Club Asgard. The tour ends a week later at Celtic Rock Indoor festival in Gummersbach, Germany. The last show turns out to be Let Me Dream's biggest forreign show so far, luckily the feeling gets captured on video. You can witness it on "Powered by the Moon" video that will be included on Nocturnal Music's official version of "Soulshine", the release date will be announced later.

The band do a short european tour "Springtime Decadence" together with Belgium metalheads I Witness.

The band signs the deal with German label Black Bards Entertainment. 3rd album "Soulshine" is finally official released. The band plays first show in Finland for four years. Afterwards a show in St. Petersburg along with Vergeltung and European tour along with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Tyr.

The band is working with the new material. Show in Finland is confirmed - the band will finally perform on their home soil after five years.

(source: http://www.letmedream.com)