Stride - Biography



STRIDE is a progressive metal/rock band that hails from Houston, Texas. Joel Gregoire is their founder, guitarist and songwriter. Joel is a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology and has studied under people such as Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, and Don Mock, among others. Matt Kanzler is STRIDE's drumer and is a graduate of the Percussion Institute of Technology., Rick Flores is the band's key shredder, and has played for Freddy Fender, and the band "SUCCESS." Gary Belin is STRIDE's front man, and is arguably the best set of lungs in the business. Their current bass player is Mike Martin. Previous bass players have been Marcus Johnson, and Shane Dubose.

Until recently, STRIDE has been an instrumental band, with a style that is hard to nail down. They tend to incorporate a wide range of influences into their music, and often will seamlessly flow from one to another all in the course of a single track. The focus of their music has been the guitars, heavily accompanied by Rick's keyboards, but they do not overwhelm the music. Most their songs are truly a "whole band" effort. With the addition of Gary Belin on vocals, their style has changed noticeably, but the band behind this incredible singer still manages to make quite an impression.