Sahg - Biography




After many years of involvement on different ends of the Norwegian rock and metal scene, four hard rock devotees teamed up under the name 'Sahg', in the late summer of 2004. The four members had gained long and wide experience - together and separately - from bands like Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne and Manngard. Still, they had the calling to create this new band, which would in many ways reach deeper down into their musical roots than any of their former bands.

It took a long process making this band become reality, and it had been subject to many conversations between the soon-to-become bandmates for years already. Only the dedication to their other bands had prevented Sahg to take form earlier. But the process had helped to create a pretty clear vision of what was going to happen once Sahg saw the light of day. And when it did, things started happening pretty quickly.

Within a couple of months, the band had the first few songs written and rehearsed, and by the end of 2004, the first rough demo was distributed to a limited number of record labels, among others Swedish Regain Records. The record company responded very quickly and positively, and within another couple of months, the record contract was signed.

Throughout the winter and spring of 2005 Sahg continued to work on their album material, and at the same time worked up quite a solid reputation through their live efforts on the club scene of their hometown, Bergen. 'Sahg I' was recorded and mixed throughout the summer and fall of 2005, with valuable assistance from co-producer and additional musician Brynjulv Guddal, to whom the band pay a great deal of credit for the magnificent sound on the album.

Shortly after the studio process was completed, drummer Kvitrafn announced his departure from the band. After much consideration, he had decided to move with his family to a different part of Norway, to seek new opportunities and concentrate on his solo projects. There was no drama around Kvitrafn's departure, and the band accepted his decision. He stayed in the band for a couple of more months, giving them a chance to find a replacement.

After a couple of months on the look-out for a new drummer, Kvitrafn's place was filled by Tor Bjarne Bjelland, a widely experienced player, who had recently ended his engagement with a more commercially directed rock act. Tor was an old acquaintance of the band members, and he was more than eager to step up to a more intense division, and join Sahg.

Despite the long demanding months in the studio, and despite the news about Kvitrafn's departure, the band continued their work instantly after the studio process was finished. The artwork for the album was created singlehandedly by the band members themselves, and the video for 'Godless Faith' was shot in October the same year. In short, 2005 was a very busy and eventful year for the band, going from newly started garage band to up-and-coming doom rockers with a worldwide album release coming up.

Naturally, 2006 started off in a slower tempo for Sahg, giving the band a chance to recover from the rat race they had been through the year before. But with appearances at Bylarm (national Norwegian showcase festival and international music business get-together) and Inferno Festival, along with bands like Emperor, Cathedral and Witchcraft, a bigger audience had started opening their eyes to Sahg. The media attention was increasing rapidly, in Norwegian as well as international press, and the band received some astonishing concert reviews.

Finally, in mid-April, 'Sahg I' was released across Europe, and the media attention increased even more, with numerous brilliant reviews on the album. 'Sahg I' entered the Norwegian charts at no. 31, and the record sales continued to be much better than anticipated. This was far beyond what anyone had expected from the debut album of a doom metal band.

After the album release, Sahg has turned their focus on playing concerts. The band is eager to head out and present the album material to the audience, and concert dates in Scandinavia and Europe are booked throughout the spring and summer. The band is also chasing several opportunities for a more extensive international tour, which will be their main goal, until they start working on the next album towards the very end of 2006.