Irreversible - Biography




Atlanta,Georgia's IRREVERSIBLE started life as a punk/hardcore band with a shuffling line-up of various members and over time they developed into an atmospheric,post-metal,sludge group.

Consisting of members Jackob Frankin (vocals,guitar),JJ Hodge (guitar,vocals),Graham Fellers (bass),Zach Richards (percussion) and Billy Henis (electronics),IRREVERSIBLE released two demos,their first in 2005 and "Age" in 2006.

In 2007 IRREVERSIBLE released their first full length album "Sins",and also replaced member Billy Henis with Spencer Ussery (electronics,vocals).

IRRVERSIBLE music is post-metal laced with doom,sludge and psychedelia.Although obviously influenced by their peers in their genre,such as ISIS and PELICAN,IRRVERSIBLE is too original to be labeled as derivative.Highly recommended.

They went on an indefinite hiatus after the release of 2009's LP "Light". Now back together in 2012 they are working on new material.